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PubGame is an innovative company that is revolutionizing interaction and fun in the digital world. It offers PUBGameCoin (PGC) and PUBVerse, creating an immersive experience across the entire PUB universe. PUBGameCoin (PGC) serves as the ecosystem utility token, allowing users to directly use digital assets in the physical world on the PUB Store. PUBVerse is a revolutionary metaverse where users can explore, interact and live unique experiences, powered by PUBGameCoin (PGC). It also serves as a hub for business and technology investments on the Polygon blockchain, enabling brands like iFood, Uber, Amazon and others to focus on driving adoption and utility of. Digital assets in the physical world promote your products and offer exclusive benefits to users. With PUBGameCoin (PGC) and PUBVerse, PubGame connects the virtual and physical world, transforming the Web3 landscape

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Binance Chain
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July 6, 2023
Fund raising end date:
June 18, 2024
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