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Best Crypto Launches

The wide world of crypto is getting bigger and every year more unique, useful and potentially scams on the horizon new coins appear in order to represent it. By 2024, a number of new and exciting cryptocurrencies had taken the world by storm. In this guide, let's find out what are these new crypto coins and features in them that could be a market.

What to Consider When Investing in New Crypto Coins

Buying new cryptocurrencies is certainly still deeply exciting but for a lot of people, it's far too risky. Before investing anywhere, you should go through in-depth research. Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Project Purpose and Utility: Why is blockchain being used in this cryptocurrency? What Problem is it Solving? Must have a good use case or the coin will die off in time.
  2. Whitepaper and Roadmap: Carefully scrutinize the whitepaper and review its roadmap. These papers essentially offer a comprehensive overview of the project objectives, technological specifics and an outline of planning.
  3. Team and Advisors: This section is dedicated to the people that make this project happen. Their industry related experience and credibility can be very influential on the success of a venture.
  4. Community and Support: A vibrant community is probably a pretty decent indication that the project itself might also be well alive. Another easy way to check the level of community engagement.
  5. Tokenomics and Supply: Learn about the project's tokenomics, including its total supply, distribution plan for all involved parties, and how it works in that respective Ecosystem. These factors may affect the value and demand of a token.

Notable New Crypto Coins in 2024

Many new cryptocurrencies have been listed, each having its own specific features and potential. Here are some of the outstanding new crypto coins in 2024:

  1. Doogle (DOOGLE): This coin is a social media revolution that uses blockchain technology to ensure privacy and data protection. Now at $0.008141, it has massively gained value​
  2. ALF: ALF is built with a mission for the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector allows you to explore yield farming and liquidity mining further ahead. At present, it is valued at $0.000006408, with its trading volume has increased significantly.
  3. Meme Man (MAN): A meme-based cryptocurrency, Meme Man is known for its otherworldly verticals and marketing tactics as the project revolves around community. It can be traded of value $0.04168 which remains constant it has been moving on the uptrend path since its creation.
  4. Qudefi (QDFI): Focused on decentralized finance, Qudefi will implement numerous security measures and assist in the interoperability of several projects under DeFi. Its price is $0.03202 one of viable option for DeFi followers to make good money flow through the market.
  5. SheiShei (SHEI): SHEI is another culturally-conscious cryptocurrency that belongs to this latest batch of initiatives. It is just having huge price momentum shows strong market interest.

Platforms for Discovering New Crypto Coins

In order to keep up with the times, investors have to know where they can find out about new crypto coins. Here are some recommended platforms:

  1. Crypto Launchpads and IDO Platforms: You can use platforms like Binance, Polkastarter​ or Cardano OccamRazer to identify up-and-coming projects before they reach the primary marketplace.
  2. ICO Websites: Websites such as ICO Drops, CoinList, and ICO Bench provide lists and details of upcoming Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).
  3. Crypto Forums and Communities: There are many forums​ like Reddit, BitcoinTalk etc which provide early information about the new tokens.
  4. Social Media and Influencers: If you are far from the Internet, no payments can guide or provide signals in various apps, so social media tips are still powerful, with influencer endorsement of another coin listing as one way to catch up early.
  5. Crypto News Websites: Sites such as BeInCrypto and CoinMarketCap will keep you updated with the latest crypto coins news.

The Future of New Crypto Coins

With the dynamic nature of cryptocurrency and again, many new coins and technologies coming up from time to time. Here are a handful anticipated to determine the direction of new crypto coins in 2024:

  1. Decentralized Finance (DeFi): This was the biggest growth sector on this year, as more new projects are decentralized financial instruments with a focus on governance and complement tokens.
  2. Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games: The merging of NFTs & DeFi into gaming enables players to earn an income from playing.
  3. Sustainability and Environmental Impact: As the crypto industry is increasingly scrutinized for its environmental impact, new projects are incorporating sustainability practices and energy-efficient technologies.
  4. Regulation and Compliance: In the face of increased scrutiny from regulators, newer projects have been focusing on compliance with local laws as well as international ones in an effort to appear more legitimate for larger investors.


Purchasing those new crypto coins in 2024? Exciting, but could also be dangerous. Rather, through extensive research investors can make better decisions if they understand the project and time it well using quality platforms which allow them to remain current on information. New technologies and developments, such as DeFi or Play-to-Earn games show that the crypto market is only at its beginning stage of development.

New Crypto Coins 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

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The meme coin Slerf, based in Solana, has been trending with a recent price rise. Right now, it's trading 11% higher than yesterday.

On the other hand, as Slothana gets ready for its initial exchange offering (IEO), it is also gaining momentum as another promising Solana token.

Slerf Price Skyrockets as Team Launches Second Presale

Slerf raised $1.3 million in two hours for its second presale in Solana and has seen an 11% increase in the price today.

The presale supply was effectively burned, but the presale was reported in every market publication last month, not because the team raised $10m but because of the nature of the presale campaign.

Unfortunately, this added to the transmission pricing in the fewer remaining SLERF. You saw the market go into euphoria and such mania coins like Slerf traded more volume on-chain than Ethereum and the meme-ability of the coin got it on countless major mainstream outlets like Bloomberg.

But since the group has gone memetic, they appear willing to give it one more try, announcing that they will open a new line of NFTs in the near future, allowing the community to presale acquirement.

As previously reported by Whale Insider, an X news account, the presale netted a staggering 7,552 SOL ($1.3 million) in two hours.

The presale was only 19 hours ago, and there was not much posted via the Slerf X presale account - other than the fact that the MG is just that limited.

Meanwhile, the price of SLERF has also been rising amid the recent downtrend, and it jumped to the highest level in ten days.

May be, other than the presale, the LBank exchange supported SLERF. This is because it has already raised money from the first presale, which could give exits on exchange the opportunity to buy more Slerf from exchange.

LBank's CMO - Kaia W., announced that the amount of SOL reimbursed through the donation program exceeded $19,000.

Adding even more fuel to the fire, blockchain analytics account, LookOnChain, which tracks whales along the blockchain, indicated that they have been buying SLERF on the dip as well, signaling the smart money is very bullish on the project.

However, Slothana is another Solana meme coin that is seeing a lot of investment. Due to the presale currently taking place, investors can participate in the project from the beginning before it is listed on exchanges.

Could $SLOTH Be the Next SLERF After Raising $10M in 2 Weeks?

Slothana, a lazy sloth-themed meme coin gaining incredible popularity, is the next meme coin to join the presale meme coin meta.

The Slothana presale surpassed Slerf's total raise and Book of Meme, the original Solana meme coin, just two weeks after its launch.

With its IEO scheduled for nine days, Slothana is now focused. Exchange launches have opened up huge possibilities for traders of Book of Meme and Slerf.

Several BOME presale buyers made millions from five-figure investments, according to LookOnChain. Fast-moving Slerf traders, meanwhile, also made enormous gains by entering the market early.

Though there are rumors that Slothana was developed by the shrewd crew of developers and marketers behind Smog, it appears to be the most promising contender. 

Another meme coin based in Solana, Smog, debuted in February and has since grown 100x  to a $200 million market capitalization.

A connection between the two teams was immediately noticed by observers when Smog left a comment on Slothana's very first X post at a time when it had only 50 followers. 

With its remarkable presale success, memetic allure, and possibly first-in-class team, Slothana appears ready to rise following the exchange launch.

Analysts also support it; Crypto Wire recently stated, "Slothana meme project could 100x."

Slothana Presale Ends in 1 Day After Garnering $15M: Final Opportunity to Acquire New Solana Meme Coin

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The use of cryptocurrencies in casino and sports betting is changing the future of gambling. Leading the charge is Scorpion Casino, an industry-changing enterprise that merges tech and old school play under one roof.

To change the way that people experience online betting and gaming, Scorpion Casino has announced through its organizers that it will create $SCORP currency.

Scorpion Casino: Your Premier Destination for Cryptocurrency Gambling

Scorpion Casino is another player in the cryptocurrency gaming field with an abundance of casino games and betting options. With up to 30,000 bets in over 90 sports & events, it is an ideal site for many punters.

Scorpion Casino delivers to players a true, authentic gaming style, with 210 casino games and more than 160 live games If you like to play video slots or table games such as poker and blackjack, there is something for everyone on the site.

$SCORP Token: Empowering the Progress of Scorpion Casino

The BEP 20 $SCORP token (Binance Smart Chain) powers the Scorpion Casinos ecosystem. The platform also use the token as currency, this way no fiat is needed at all to play, enter games or take advantages from features and benefits this way users can bet, Playing Casino Games with it.

It has as a standout feature one of the best advanced staking program $SCORP. Tokens purchased in the presale during the 3-year period will accrue interest as well, with a staking rate of 150%. Such an annuity structure is quite lucrative, because it promotes investment over a long time, thus creating a dynamic ecosystem on the platform.

Security and Transparency: Fundamental Principles of Scorpion Casino

Being a game that you can rely on for the long term, fairness and trust are indispensable in its industry, and Scorpion Casino has made unbreakable high-level security its top commitment. It also has a Curacao eGaming license, which gives users peace of mind and security, being a recognized entity in gambling.

Scorpion Casino furthermore verified the integrity of casino by an audit and KYC verifications. The main reason Scorpion Casino is heads and shoulders above the rest is & it provides uncompromising security for player funds and personal data.

Presale Investors Reaping Benefits

A smart investor taking part in the $SCORP presale, is setting up for success. Early investors make a financial bet on the success of the platform by purchasing tokens at an initial discounted rate that gives them access exclusive benefits.

Sale investors are given up to 40% in casino credits that give return on the value of their investment. Furthermore, they enter to the draw of a $250K give-away to receive their prizes. A key feature of the platform staking program is that original investors can make money every day, providing a steady source of earnings.

Scorpion Casino Gains Favor Among the Crypto Community

The relatively novel approach to online gambling implemented by Scorpion Casino has been warmly received by the cryptocurrency community as word of the product spreads. There is a lot of positive feedback from its users concerning a friendly user interface, selection of games and beneficial staking opportunities offered by the platform.

Scorpion Casino marks the start of a journey. According to the platform roadmap, here are the things this sportsbook plans to have in place - development and innovation goals, ideas for community events launches, expansion into other products the casino has on tap, and partnerships with business functions.

The buyback and burn aspect of the Scorpion Casinos ecosystem is one that can't be overlooked. To decrease the supply, it will acquire $SCORP tokens on the market and burn them using part of its profits. The limited supply loss can lead to a gradual appreciation in the token's worth which is advantageous to holders who have long-term goals.

The Arrival of the Next Chapter in Online Gambling

With the introduction of Scorpion Casino and its very own $SCORP token should be encouraging for the online betting sector. Using blockchain technology, betsonic has introduced us into a secure and honest online gambling system with cryptocurrency.

This groundbreaking platform is truly a golden opportunity for those investors who are involved in gambling. As $SCORP continues to gain momentum and more people are made aware of the benefits of gambling, Scorpion Casino and its expanding fan base have a lot in store for them.

Make sure to always stay in touch with Scorpion Casino social media channels for the latest events, promotions, and news from the online casino. Play on the front lines of the Scorpion Casino revolution, and experience high-end gaming like never before.

Scorpion Presale | Twitter | Telegram

The Crypto Industry Transforms Sports Betting and Casino Games with the Launch of Scorpion Casino (SCORP)

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Scorpion Casino ($SCORP) is one of the month's most sought-after cryptocurrency coins. It is also among the most talked-about cryptocurrencies because of the enormous $10 million presale that quickly sold out due to strong demand. 

During the presale phase, over 20,000 investors became involved in the project.

Why Scorpion Casino Is Trending?

There are several reasons why Scorpion casinos are becoming more and more attractive to investors. Scorpion Casino, for one, is to be embraced by a good number of investors, not only those who want their rewards instantly. Even gamblers would love it for the variety of casino, live casino, and sports betting that the dashboard provides. Additionally, the platform offers a lucrative passive income stream associated with the profitability of the platform itself.

A second analyst believes that the Scorpion Casino what could be the next “crypto unicorn” in the cryptocurrency gaming and entertainment sector. The only legal, safe, and secure solution are growing to become the leading sports betting and online casino across the industry.

However on the grand scale, a big grow by Scorpion Casino in the past few weeks just proves its principle of its determination on provings abundance (features) and reliability prior to launching such an exchange is definitely the right direction.

The project was operating under the name that it was founded with in 2022 and the priority of the project was to establish a solid footing in the online GambFi-market. Therefore, Вig offered a large number of users. So, future politician, sports betting part of the implementation of the plan began to be realised in April 2024. In addition there was a virtue of praise from users.

Blockchain: Empowering Transparency and Decentralization

The lucrative industry of online gambling and sports betting can provide a valuable source of growth in the coming years. Still, they have a few limitations. Just like real-world casinos, many legal online gambling sites are tainted with underhanded practices.

Here is where blockchain technology fills in the void, Its decentralized nature also ensures transparency, which gives users as well as potential investors confidence in the technology. At the same time, it encourages the formation of global communities united by the native token. The use of blockchain and cryptocurrency incentives has helped Scorpion Casino create a strong and active community for their project.

More important, it is doing it proactively, in the beginning of the investor's trust.

  • Licensed by Curacao EGaming
  • Undergone extensive auditing by Solidproof
  • Assure DeFi KYC Process

On top of this the Scorpion Casino offers a select range of games being supplied by the best of providers that are:

  • 30,000 monthly betting opportunities
  • More than 210 casino games across a full spectrum portfolio
  • 160 virtual interactive live game play
  • 35+ Sports categories Covered in Sports Betting Contests

That makes Scorpion Casino a respected player among the web based gaming destinations. In addition to many of its own kind of crash games, the platform also has poker, blackjack, roulette, and slot games. Scorpion Casino Now Offering an Expansive New Sports Betting Section — Scorpion Casino has introduced a new Sports Betting section that covers events from over 35 sports like basketball, tennis, football or horse racing, which makes it even more appealing.

A Strong Daily Passive Income Opportunity – Earn Up to $10,000 Daily

What makes Scorpion Casino so unique in the world of crypto is that it gives you a daily source of steady passive income. It is directly proportional to the revenue and production of the platform.

Whereas most staking models are geared towards high-speed returns that tend to mean less than a year, and thus a predictably short-lived use case, Metronome hosts a durable one. The platform is sustainable through the revenue it makes from its online gambling and sports betting dashboard; revenue is dependent on availability of traffic and level of engagement.

A burn mechanism takes it a step further in the staking model strength, leading to less immature sell-offs and better reward stability. This also makes the price of $SCORP tokens continue to rise in the short and long term. USDT and SCORP are already paying blacksmithing reward stake.

Multiple Exchange Listings – Is This the Next Crypto to Surge?

Scorpion Casino is already a significant player in the burgeoning market for online gaming and sports betting. All you need to get started with the game are $SCORP tokens acquired to be a part of the project and to have a stake in GambleFi's future.

This is part of Scorpion Casino´s plans going forth, planning to list on other exchanges in the coming weeks.

Given the token will continue to hit more and more markets, we might see increased demand for $SCORP over the next few weeks. What makes Scorpion Casino different from recent new coins is one that develops credibility very boldly in its features.

Along with its $500 million high-cap valuation in only 3 years in 2024, Scorpion Casino has the potential to become even more valuable in a few years.

Visit the and learn more about Scorpion Casino and its services. Join the Scorpion Casino Twitter and Telegram community to be updated on $SCORP exchange listings.

Scorpion Casino Gains Momentum: Three Factors Behind $SCORP's Potential Surge

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With over 50,000 registered members and over 10,000 active monthly players, Mega Dice is a well-known cryptocurrency casino. It has introduced DICE, a new token, through an initial coin offering (ICO).

The casino's cryptocurrency will be called the DICE token. The project's objective is to make it Solana's network's top GameFi. As of this writing, you can purchase DICE tokens with SOL, ETH, or BNB for $0.069 apiece.

A further 15% will be used for liquidity pools, another 15% for the casino's DICE pool, and the remaining 15% will be set aside to be airdropped to players. 

35% of Mega Dice's 420,000,000 DICE tokens are being sold during the presale. Thus, the total amount up for grabs is 147 million tokens. 

The remaining 10% was divided into two equal 5% funds, one for affiliates and the other for marketing and KOL deals. The 10% of the funds will be used for staking rewards.

After the project raised over $300,000 in just a few days, a cryptocurrency expert who runs a YouTube channel for Cryptonews.com speculated that Mega Dice might be the next 100x presale.

Mega Dice Casino Overview

Mega Dice Casino permits users to place bets with virtual currencies.

A variety of sports betting and casino games. A key reason for the platform's existence is to cultivate a large following of people who appreciate loyalty and commensurate reward.

With this project, a special ecosystem will be introduced, where users can make use of certain privileges, such as getting better rewards or participating in revenue sharing, by starting its own Mega Dice (DICE) cryptocurrency.

Currently, Mega Dice is moving through its road map, which will have the presale as the first stage. The launch of a professional marketing campaign is planned in the next phase of its campaign using the funds raised by its team.

The second stage will involve the presale participants being able to snatch up THEIR tokens, and the third — the project will be adding a hefty liquidity pool.

Mega Dice will launch an early staking incentive in Stage 4. After that, the project's first DEX launch is anticipated to occur in Stage 5.

As previously indicated, 15% of the project will be given to casino players via airdrop. The funds will be distributed over three delivery phases or seasons. Each phase will airdrop $750,000, for a total of $2,250,000. 

But in order to be eligible, the participants must be casino players who are kept active on the platform and achieve a betting volume of $5000 over 21 days. The project will then add DK staking tomorrow which will make token holders eligible for daily rewards based on the revenues of the casino.

The Casino Token Hype Begins

Mega Dice presale is the most recent example of current casinos introducing their cryptocurrency. 

Scorpion Casino is another well-known, rapidly expanding casino that has figured out how to use a cryptocurrency token to enhance its offerings.

Scorpion Casino successfully completed its presale, raising over $10 million and reaching 100% of its target. 25,448 users took part in this initial coin offering (ICO), which sold its SCORP token for $0.05 per unit.

Scorpion introduced the option to use cryptocurrency in wagers and staking for passive rewards, similar to Mega Dice. The project is currently awaiting listing on several exchanges, such as XT.Com (April 30) and BitMart (April 22).

The price of SCORP has increased by more than 400% to $0.25 since its launch. This shows that there may be interest in casino tokens, which may shed light on how the DICE token will perform in the future.

Naturally, Rollbit Coin (RLB), with a peak valuation of nearly $1 billion, dominates the GameFi coin market. Given that gambling is a timeless pastime unaffected by market cycles, $RLB was among the top performers during the most recent cryptocurrency bear market. 

You can follow Mega Dice on X or sign up for its Telegram channel to stay informed of updates and future announcements.

Mega Dice Presale Begins: Aiming to Reign as the Leading GameFi Coin on Solana

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Leading cryptocurrency media source 99Bitcoins has introduced its gamification layer along with a brand-new token called $99BTC.

The 99Bitcoins token is presently in a presale and recently crossed the $850K mark because of speculation about possible price growth after it goes live on exchanges.

The 99Bitcoins token is sure to benefit from the upcoming altcoins season. This will happen once the scarcity effect from Bitcoin's recent halving event takes effect, heightening the excitement.

Bitcoin's Rising Tide Will Lift All Boats, but $99BTC Expected to 10X

Without a doubt, if past performance is any indication, the Bitcoin halving will have a positive impact on cryptocurrency prices and lead to an explosive altcoins season.

Top analysts do, however, predict that the 99Bitcoins token will outperform the market in the upcoming months, offering a lucrative opportunity to those who purchase the presale in its current early stage.

For example, the 99Bitcoins token has been dubbed a "New 10x potential crypto presale" in an analysis recently published by renowned low-cap gem hunter Jacob Bury.

In the meantime, Michael Wrubel announced to his 311K subscribers that "99Bitcoins is finally launching a token" and praised the new presale. 

For those who do not know, 99Bitcoins is a leader in the cryptocurrency media space, offering excellent news, content, and analysis.

It has 2.8 million email subscribers and 700K YouTube subscribers, and readers of its news website.

The platform and CoinDesk launched in 2013. Although 99Bitcoins consistently shows a flair for innovation, its most recent project, a Learn-to-Earn layer, has created a lot of excitement in the market.

Learn-to-Earn: The Evolution of Crypto Education

99Bitcoins' "Learn-to-Earn" approach, which is modeled after Play-to-Earn games and saw explosive success in 2021, is projected to shake up the market and increase industry knowledge.

The foundation of the business is $99BTC, which grants access to the platform along with a host of extra features.

These include staking rewards, trading signals, a VIP community group, BRC20 tools, and education. As the staking pool expands, stakers can earn about a 2,100% APY; however, this will not last forever.

The $850K total raised during the presale indicates that investors are impressed with the new Learn-to-Earn platform and its corresponding $99BTC token.

But in addition to the advantages listed above, another element creating hype is the availability of top-notch crypto education that is modular and appropriate for all market participants.

Users are invited to start a self-learning journey with courses, tests, and tutorials on the Learn-to-Earn platform.

By finishing segments, learners will gain experience points (XP) that will help them climb the platform's leaderboard. As they ascend, they will be able to receive more cryptocurrency rewards.

99 Investors Will Receive $1K Worth of BTC in the Presale Airdrop

99Bitcoins is celebrating its launch with an airdrop where 99 winners will receive $99K worth of Bitcoin.

On the project's Gleam page, there are tasks that participants must complete to receive up to 11 entrees. On July 24, 2024, the airdrop winners will be revealed.

Although 99Bitcoins has a lot of moving components, the new $99BTC offers a unique chance to invest in a leading token from the ground up. 

The price of $99BTC is currently $0.00102, but it will increase during the presale. The next increase is expected in three days or when the total amount raised reaches $1.4 million. 

Thus, be sure to benefit from the current offer. For the most recent updates, join 99Bitcoins' Telegram channel or follow them on X. You can also purchase and stake tokens via its website.

99Bitcoins Token Presale Raises $850K – Is This the Next Crypto to Explode?

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