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What Is ICO Presale?

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have become a popular financing mechanism used by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology startups to raise funds. As part of the ICO process, there is an initial phase called the ICO presale that helps set up a project for success and gathers early investors.

Introduction to ICO Presale

What is ICO?

First, let us get to know some basics of an ICO before going into particularities related to ICO presales. ICO is also known as Initial Coin Offering and it is a fundraising mechanism used by new blockchain projects to sell the token hierarchy of the project. It typically involves a company creating and selling their own unique type of digital currency to investors in exchange for more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Definition of ICO Presale

ICO presales are the first sales of their tokens to be sold in a limited price for buyers so they can the token with a less price, then paid money and get their requested coins. Usually for a cheaper price than at the public sale, this exclusive offering is meant to attract early project supporters and contributors.

How Does ICO Presale Work?

Overview of the ICO Process

An ICO proceeds through a well-structured systematic process wherein the project is announced and elaborate details of its features, technology involved and token metrics are made available in one such document know as whitepaper. After which, comes the presale phase prior to the public sale enabling early investors to buy tokens from relatively good rates.

Role of Presale in ICO

The use of a pre-sale phase in an ICO serves multiple related purposes. These help the project team to measure investor demand and get financing to start developing. It also rewards the early backers with exclusive access to some of these tokens, and provides inherent incentive for them to actively contribute towards making sure that this project is a successful one.

Benefits of Participating in ICO Presale

Early Access to Tokens

Perhaps the most significant advantage to getting involved with an ICO presale is securing access to a project's tokens before they are released into the wider world. Access to the token presale may lead investors to acquire a proportionately larger batch of tokens with potentially lower rates.

Potential Discounts or Bonuses

While Initial Coin Offerings offer presales during which tokens may be sold at a discount or with some kind of bonus in order to trigger and motivate early-than-average investment. These discounts are project-dependent and in general more discounted than the public sale.

Opportunity for Early Investment

This way investors can invest in projects that entering the market via ICO but still have a huge development ahead of them. And because of the fact that early investment could make you earn a lot more if the project works and its tokens price goes up over time.

Risks Associated with ICO Presale

Lack of Regulation

It is true that there far less regulatory supervision in the cryptocurrency domain of those inherent perils associated with ICO presales in relation to ICO presale. ICOs take place in a largely unregulated environment that allows the organizer to raise funds with little or no regulatory oversight, increasing the risk of an ICO turning out to be a scam for investors.

Potential for Scams or Fraud

Since ICOs are decentralized and largely unregulated, the potential to scam or defraud investors during presales soars. The involvement of the project team, their faith and aim If this is mentioned that it will win a billion dollars in market cap, you should know without further explanation most obvious thing you have to do due diligence for this necessity be really comprehensive work on your own publish the outcome.

Uncertain Project Viability

However, when investing in ICO presales and token sales you are essentially backing projects that have no guarantees they will be able to achieve their goals. Competitive landscape and market conditions will inherently impact the long-term viability of a project — but technological challenges too.

Factors to Consider Before Participating in ICO Presale

Project Credibility and Team Expertise

Investors should be wary of participating in an ICO presale, as it is important for them to evaluate whether developers have a proven track record before attempting the project. The background of the team and their strength work wonders in actually implementing what they have promised.

Whitepaper Evaluation

You should also read a project's whitepaper to learn more about its tech, vision, and tokenomics. Investors should read the whitepaper closely for clarity, transparency, and alignment with their investment goals.

Market Demand and Competition

The project should try to understand the extent of market demand that exists for its product or service, as well an lay competitive landscape which may provide significant insights into prospect of success. Before investing, check out the project's unique selling proposition (USP) and its differentiation strategy to understand why it stands out from other similar projects in the market.

Steps to Participate in ICO Presale

Research and Due Diligence

Before investing your funds in an ICO presale, make sure you do some research and due diligence about the project, team or technology involved. This Handbook to help you distinguish the project a real and how capable it survives for long term.

Whitelisting or Registration Process

Participation identity verification: Some ICO presales require investors to complete a whitelist or registration process. You should follow the steps that are given by the team of this project in order to become eligible for participation and getting hold on some tokens.

Contribution Methods and Requirements

Learn about the contribution methods accepted by the project and make sure your investment meets any minimum requirements. However, it is advised to read the presale terms and conditions beforehand in order to prevent any confusion or discrepancy.

Real-Life Examples of Successful ICO Presales


In 2014, the popular blockchain platform Ethereum held an ICO presale for its cryptocurrency Ether, amassing more than $18mil in Bitcoin. The ICO ultimately became one of the most popular cryptocurrency platforms by the number of DApps and smart contracts and is positioned as a global ecosystem for such financial and legal assets as cryptocurrencies.


The raises are the latest in ICO news from around the globe: IO, a blockchain protocol for decentralized applications conducted one of the largest ICO presales to date raising more than $4 bln in contributions. The project aimed to deliver an easy and scalable DApps and blockchain development platform.


A prominent messaging app, Telegram also released its plans for an ICO presale next year in January when the company managed to attract $1. The project planned to create the Telegram Open Network (TON), a blockchain platform that helps decentralized communication, digital payments, and more.


For these offerings, ICO presales provide critical resources that are leveraged to develop and finance blockchain projects. Although ICO presale has many risks such as no regulations, easier to defraud and it also depending on the projects. Investors thinking about participating in ICO presales ought to conduct research on projects, seeking the highest certainty that they can gain of a project is valid or should be successful.

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