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10 Best Cryptos with High Risk and High Reward for 2024

Low-cap tokens with two possible outcomes are usually considered high-risk cryptocurrencies. Either they will make significant gains or lose most of their value. 

In 2024, these ten high-risk, high-reward cryptocurrency projects are examined in this guide. Discover high-risk cryptocurrency investments that have the potential to grow 100 times or more by reading on.

Consider These 10 High-Risk, High-Reward Cryptocurrencies

Here are 10 cryptocurrency projects that offer high risk and high reward that could perform well in the upcoming months:

  1. Dogeverse – A meme coin with a dog theme that runs on six network standards and has raised more than $13 million in presales
  2. Sealana – Exciting new presale for a high-risk Solana meme coin that is well-positioned for the upcoming SPL pump
  3. WienerAI – Pre-sale prices for Ethereum-based "Sausage Dog" with AI integration will rise in a day.
  4. UniBot – Leading Telegram sniper bot offering passive rewards through a generous revenue-sharing scheme
  5. SushiSwap – Potential rival of Uniswap in the Ethereum DEX market; currently trading 95% below ATHs
  6. Golem – An ecosystem for decentralized and open-sourced computing sharing for the AI sector
  7. Hivemapper – Global mapping network without permission and drive-to-earn incentives for dashcam footage
  8. The Sandbox – Popular metaverse project featuring play-to-earn games and virtual land ownership
  9. Helium Token – Infrastructure for wireless internet that offers tokenized rewards for WiFi and 5G sharing
  10. Pepe – Top-performing meme coin that has grown by 215% over the last year could replace Shiba Inus

My Evaluation of the Cryptocurrencies with the Greatest Potential

I'll now discuss the aforementioned high-risk, high-reward cryptocurrencies. Find out why the items in my top ten deserve your consideration in 2024.

1. Dogeverse – A Meme Coin With A Dog Theme That Runs On Six Network Standards And Has Raised More Than $13 Million In Presales 

My overall top choice for high-risk, high-reward is Dogeverse. In other words, Dogeverse is responsible for one of the top cryptocurrency presales of 2024. With more than $13 million raised, Dogeverse has attracted "whale" investors. It's also making a lot of waves on social media and in cryptocurrency news, showing how quickly well-managed projects can become popular.

What exactly is Dogeverse, and how did it raise such a large amount of money? Dogeverse is essentially a meme coin that draws inspiration from the Shiba Inu breed. Following this story is highly popular, as Bloomberg recently reported on the popularity of tokens with dog themes. Dogeverse, however, hasn't chosen to focus on a single blockchain ecosystem, in contrast to other market entrants.

Dogeverse presale review

Rather, Dogeverse runs on six distinct networks: Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Solana, Base, and Ethereum. This implies that $DOGEVERSE tokens can be bought and sold by cryptocurrency day traders without requiring a network bridge. The Dogeverse presale is still going on, but it will end soon. $$0.00031 is the final presale price. 

2. Sealana – Pre-sale Prices For Ethereum-based "Sausage Dog" With Ai Integration Will Rise In A Day    

Another meme coin that makes my list of high-risk, high-reward cryptocurrency picks is Sealana. Three sentences were all that were needed to sum up the project on the Sealana website. To put it briefly, Sealana is a large seal that lives in the Solana environment. It calls itself a "degen" and is infatuated with discovering cryptocurrency jewels.

Even though it might not seem like a good idea to invest in, similar projects have recently produced sizable profits. For instance, the speculative meme coins Pepe, dogwifhat, and Bonk have no use and are each worth more than $1 billion. Investors in Sealana will be hoping for a similar upward trend.

Sealana presale

After all, when the current market correction ends, Solana Program Library (SPL) tokens are anticipated to see yet another massive boost. For every SOL invested, 6,900 $SEAL is sold during the Sealana presale. The presale price is approximately $0.022 per token, and there is no minimum investment required. After the presale campaign, only SOL will be accepted, and $SEAL will trade on exchanges. 

3. WienerAI – Pre-sale Prices For Ethereum-based "Sausage Dog" With Ai Integration Will Rise In A Day  

An additional presale project offering a super high risk yield is WienerAI. "WienerDog," an Ethereum-based sausage mutt. 30% of the 69,000,000 $WAI sold during presale stake period. While WienerAI is clearly a great meme coin in the AI vertical, it could have one of the best memes for ERC-20.

WienerAI has built predictive AI tools delivering insights and analytics for the marketing industry. If a new cryptocurrency gem is discovered, users are able to purchase it instantly without ever leaving WienerAI. That is because WienerAI has in-built DEX trading capabilities that are immune to frontrunning and MEV bots. Furthermore, DEX swaps have no fees.

WienerAI crypto presale

These use cases serve as a rare example of strong utility in the meme coin market. Remember that more than $1. 1M had been raised since the WienerAI presale? The average price for $WAI right now is about 0.000704.EOF Phase 1: Whoever invests now will be awarded with the biggest presale discount ever (price goes up in a bit over one day)

4. UniBot – Leading Telegram Sniper Bot Offering Passive Rewards Through A Generous Revenue-sharing Scheme    

XXX One of the top Telegram sniper bots is UniBot. Users of Telegram can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency tokens with it without ever leaving the app. Investors who prioritize high risk and high reward are especially fond of UniBot. New cryptocurrencies can be "sniped" by it as soon as they go live on decentralized exchanges.

As the bot is completely automated, it gives a significant time benefit to users of UniBot. UniBot Platform's Blockchain Ecosystem Coins - UNIBOT Right now, UNIBOT has decent utility at just north of $12 million. First of all, holders are automatically subscribed to the revenue-sharing plan UniBot.

UniBot price chart

Some of the transactions come in from UNIBOT and there's a 5% fee on them. Token holders also receive prorated 40% of the collected tax revenues. Furthermore, the 1% transaction fee from sniping by UniBot actually means additional gain. Since it is trading at almost 95% discount from its peak, you are going to get a huge discount buying UNIBOT.

5. SushiSwap – Potential rival of Uniswap in the Ethereum DEX market; currently trading 95% below ATHs    

SushiSwap is the next cryptocurrency on this list of high-risk, high-reward ventures. It is a decentralized Ethereum network exchange. Uniswap is the dominant player in this market, with significantly higher trading volumes than SushiSwap. SushiSwap's value, however, pales in comparison to Uniswap's $4.5 billion market capitalization.

SushiSwap is currently only worth $240 million, so there is a significant opportunity to grow. Furthermore, SushiSwap provides more affordable fees in addition to a token holders' incentive plan that is more advantageous. SushiSwap is currently trading more than 95% below its all-time high despite this.

SushiSwap review

However, SushiSwap is in a DeFi market that is experiencing rapid growth, so the current prices will draw long-term growth investors. SushiSwap's performance in the last year has improved by slightly more than 1%. Even though SushiSwap performs worse than the overall market, it is a respectable project with a lot of promise.

6. Golem – An Ecosystem For Decentralized And Open-sourced Computing Sharing For The AI Sector    

Golem is among the top cryptocurrency for artificial intelligence. To put it briefly, Golem has developed an open-source ecosystem for renting and sharing computer power. This will enable the AI sector to meet the rapidly increasing demand.  There are two main players in the Golem Network. 'Providers' comes first. Anyone with extra computational capacity can become a Provider.

Then there are "Requestors," who make use of the processing capacity that Providers supply. GLM tokens are used as the exchange currency. Interpretation: Requestors compensate GLM Providers for the resources they utilize. Thus, GLM is a reliable utility token with well-defined applications.  Furthermore, there is a significant upside potential given the company's modest $600 million market capitalization.

Golem price chart

But, given the heightened competition in this market, the risks are also higher. Over the last 12 months, Golem's performance has increased by more than 160%. This performs far better than both the market and Bitcoin. The good news is that Golem is currently trading nearly 52% below all-time highs as a result of AI coins entering a market correction.

7. Hivemapper – Global Mapping Network Without Permission And Drive-to-earn Incentives For Dashcam Footage    

The cryptocurrency with the biggest upside is one that you should take into account, too: hivemapper. One of the greatest DePIN coins, Hivemapper, has created a novel drive-to-earn strategy. When users contribute to the network, they receive HONEY tokens in return. Drivers must equip their cars with a 4K dashcam in order to contribute.

The dashcam records street-level imagery, much like Google Earth. On the other hand, Hivemapper is creating a decentralized worldwide mapping network as opposed to Google Earth. This implies that there isn't a single point of failure in the distribution and storage of mapping data. Additionally, it guarantees that centralized corporations do not alter or censor data.

Hivemapper price potential

As of right now, Hivemapper claims that over 137,000 people have contributed to its network. This corresponds to an imagery value of more than 203 million KM. Having said that, Hivemapper is only valued at $126 million on the market. Despite having grown by more than 300% in the last year, Hivemapper is currently trading 78% below its peak.

8. The Sandbox – Popular Metaverse Project Featuring Play-to-earn Games And Virtual Land Ownership     

During the previous bull cycle, the popular metaverse project The Sandbox saw unheard-of growth. In January 2021, the native token, SAND, was only worth $0.03. In less than a year, SAND reached an unprecedented peak of $8.44. This indicates an increase of more than 28,000% in less than a year.

SAND is currently trading nearly 95% below its peak from 2021. This provides new investors with a significant discount. The SAND investment thesis, however, is reliant on a single metric: the revival of the metaverse narrative in the course of the upcoming bull market. If so, the Sandbox is in a good position to make a significant comeback.

The Sandbox price

Among its features is the ability for users to buy virtual plots of land in the Sandbox metaverse. Because every plot has a distinct NFT, ownership on the Ethereum blockchain is guaranteed. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sandbox plots have brought in as much as $4.5 million at auction. Play-to-earn games, virtual music experiences, and socializing are all supported by the Sandbox.

9. Helium Token – Infrastructure For Wireless Internet That Offers Tokenized Rewards For Wifi And 5G Sharing     

Helium Token is a further link-up of the blockchain and real world, part of the DePIN move. At the same time, this leads to internet services being able to be localized and decentralized... Its a worldwide wireless infrastructure. To begin with, users will need a specific hotspot device which can be bought on the Helium Token website.

The project has signed an agreement with four network providers by the Manufacturing Compliance Committee. According to Helium Token, there are over 993 hotspots being used today. A hotspot device is plugged into a network and once the device has been activated it will share its internet connection access with public users.

Helium Mobile price

Everybody else who uses the hotspot will need to buy internet data. Sharing hotspotsUsers, i.e. the participants within our ecosystem will earn MOBILE (the native token) by sharing their hotspots! In turn, participants can receive MOBILE for verifying network coverage. Helium Token is currently valued at just $187 million by market capitalization. MOBILE alone grew by over 800% during the year before.

10. Pepe – Top-performing Meme Coin That Has Grown By 215% Over The Last Year Could Replace Shiba Inus     

Pepe is the last high-risk, high-reward cryptocurrency to take into account. Even with Pepe's current $3.4 billion valuation, this meme coin has significant potential for growth. In April 2023, during the height of the cryptocurrency winter, Pepe was introduced. It is based on Pepe the Frog, though it is not formally associated with him.

A recurring character in Matt Furie's Boy's Club comic book series is Pepe the Frog. Millions of people have shared this well-known meme on social media platforms. Even though Pepe was introduced in a bear market, it rose by more than 7,000% in just 17 days. Pepe's value peaked before collapsing, similar to many meme coin rallies.

Pepe price chart

But in early 2024, Pepe's price momentum not only came back, it also drove the project to unprecedented heights. Pepe is currently trading at a premium of over 14,000% over its initial listing price. With its current market capitalization, Pepe is the third-largest meme coin, trailing only Shiba Inu. To surpass Shiba Inu, Pepe would have to outperform it by a factor of four.

How to Locate Cryptocurrency with High Risk and High Reward

Not every cryptocurrency project has a suitable upside potential, even though the majority of them should be regarded as high-risk. The potential gain should, as an investor, match the amount of risk assumed. This fits within the range of risks to rewards.

Let's examine more closely how investors can identify the most profitable high-risk cryptocurrency.

Market Cap and Potential Upside Correlation

The market capitalization of a cryptocurrency and its potential for profit are directly correlated. This affects the risk factor as well.

Take Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two biggest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, as an illustration. These projects have a market capitalization of $1.2 trillion and $368 billion, respectively, based on current prices.

On the one hand, Ethereum and Bitcoin are regarded as the "safer" investments because they are well-established, have sizable communities, and exhibit lower market volatility. But there's less upside potential with Bitcoin and Ethereum because of their enormous valuations.

Crypto coins by market cap

Small-market-cap cryptocurrency offerings offer an alternative investment thesis. Unibot, for instance, is only worth $12 million. Even if UniBot's value multiplied by 50, it would still only be $600 million. Due to its tiny market capitalization, UniBot is much more vulnerable to risk; even a brief period of selling could cause its value to plummet.

In the end, while choosing cryptocurrencies with the biggest potential for growth, investors should think about the level of risk they are willing to take. You should invest money you're willing to lose if you want to be a part of the next 1000x cryptocurrency market. On the other hand, you should concentrate on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other large-cap stocks if you want to invest with the least amount of risk possible.

Attend Early Crypto Presales

Presales are frequently home to cryptocurrency projects with high risk and high reward. Similar to an IPO for stocks but with cryptocurrency, these are new cryptocurrency launches that sell tokens before they are listed on exchanges. Pre-sale investors can experience new projects at the lowest feasible valuation, which is a benefit. For early backers, this translates to a discounted cost basis.

Once the presale is over, the new tokens are listed on open exchanges. Since only a certain quantity of tokens are sold, some presale projects see an exponential increase in value following their exchange listing. Some presale tokens lose value and never come back. Those who have a high risk tolerance will find this concept appealing.

Utilize the DEX Aggregation Tools

Another approach is using decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregation tools. Some popular platforms include Bird Eye, DexTools and DexScreener. These systems are capable of capturing pricing data from DEXs on multiple blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Chain and Solana respectively. This gives users to search for undervalued tokens according to their parameter.

DexTools high-risk high-return tokens

High risk, high reward tokens can be filtered by time since launch, market capitalization, trading volumes and recent price performance. Most DEX aggregation tools offer risk management as well. For instance, you can decide to only show tokens with audited smart contracts. Likewise, tokens whose liquidity pool hasn't been locked can also be dismissed.


Cryptocurrencies with high risk and high reward present an all-or-nothing choice. Either they will get large returns or they will lose money as investors. Overall, Dogeverse—a brand-new meme coin with multi-chain capabilities—is my best choice among the investment options available.

Pre-sale buyers have contributed over $13 million to Dogeverse. Prior to being listed on exchanges, it is currently in the last stages of presale. – meaning that there is still an opportunity to invest at a lower cost.

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