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11 Best Learn and Earn Crypto Programs in 2024

Acquiring knowledge about cryptocurrencies can assist you in staying aware of market trends and current Web3 developments. However, did you know that one of the best ways to obtain free tokens is to educate yourself about cryptocurrency?

Many popular exchanges and crypto data platforms offer learn and earn crypto programs that pay you to get educated. To claim your cryptocurrency reward, all you need to do is finish a quick course and a quiz.

To find the best learn and earn programs, we've tested out dozens of them. Discover the top resources for learning about cryptocurrencies and obtaining free tokens by reading on.

Top Crypto Apps to Learn and Earn Reviewed

To help you understand what tokens you can earn, let's take a closer look at each of the best cryptocurrency learn and earn programs. We'll also go over the duration of the lessons, the potential earnings, and other important features that make these platforms unique.

1. 99Bitcoins – Huge Learn-to-earn Platform with CompleteContent

Providing nearly 80 hours of interactive course content to a community of over 2.8 million subscribers, 99Bitcoins is one of the biggest platforms for crypto education. It's a one-stop resource for information on purchasing Bitcoin, trading cryptocurrencies, purchasing new tokens, decentralized apps, and much more.

Learning rewards are not currently offered by 99Bitcoins, but that will soon change with the introduction of its new $99BTC token. You will receive $99BTC as payment for watching videos, taking part in interactive lessons, and finishing challenges on 99Bitcoin.

99Bitcoins Learn and Earn Crypto Program

Owners of $99BTC tokens can use their funds to spend at partner platforms at a discount as well as gain access to exclusive premium content on 99Bitcoins. Additionally, 99Bitcoin intends to provide $99BTC token holders with cryptocurrency trading signals, enabling them to earn even more cryptocurrency.

Early investors can stake their tokens to earn an incredible return of 1,828% APY in additional $99BTC tokens during the ongoing $99BTC token presale. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to participate in 99Bitcoin's $99,999 BTC airdrop giveaway to win over $1,000 in Bitcoin. There's a giveaway going on right now, and entering is free.

2. Coinbase – Get $3 Each Month in Major Crypto Tokens

One of the first cryptocurrency programs to launch in the US was Coinbase Learn and Earn, which is still very well-liked by new users. Because it is accessible in over 100 nations, it is a fantastic choice for cryptocurrency users everywhere. It focuses on providing information about particular altcoins that Coinbase hopes to persuade users to trade, after which users are rewarded with those tokens.

This month, traders that learn about the Near Protocol can earn $3 worth of $NEAR, and those that learn about the SHPING dApp can earn $3 worth of $SHPING. Approximately once a month, Coinbase releases new coins for you to learn about, offering you the opportunity to win $6 worth of new cryptocurrency tokens each month. New Coinbase listings are a common subject of lessons.

Coinbase Crypto Learn and Earn Program

Each course lasts for roughly ten minutes, and in order to demonstrate your understanding, you must pass the final quiz. You can hold your earned tokens right in your Coinbase account or send them to a self-custody wallet.

3. BitDegree – Discover Web3 to Get Rewards, Discounts, and More

BitDegree offers a sizable cryptocurrency learn and earn program that teaches users how to use Web3. Everything from trading on centralized and decentralized exchanges to safeguarding your cryptocurrency in hot and cold wallets to reaping rewards through staking and cryptocurrency interest is covered in the lessons.

Because BitDegree courses are divided into several lessons, learning modules take a lot longer than on other platforms. Each course should take about an hour. You will, however, also receive more practical experience, as some lessons require you to create an account with a wallet or exchange in order to use it yourself.

BitDegree Crypto Learn and Earn Program

You will receive NFT completion certificates and Bits upon course completion. When you sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange, you can redeem your bits at BitDegree's reward center for deposit matches, discounts on services, and cryptocurrency tokens. Compared to other platforms, this one requires a little more preparation because the rewards have the potential to be significantly higher in addition to the cryptocurrency you can trade.

4. Revolut – Get $15 or more in $DOT

Revolut, the finance app juggernaut, has its own cryptocurrency education program that awards students with up to $15 worth of Polkadot's $DOT token upon completion of foundational courses. The courses, which are geared toward beginners in the field, cover the fundamentals of token security in a cryptocurrency wallet, how blockchains operate, and how to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Lessons on Revolut are brief—roughly five minutes each—and blend textual information with hurried videos. You will need to finish a brief quiz at the conclusion of each lesson in order to get your $DOT reward.

Revolut Learn and Earn Crypto Program

You are able to take as many lessons as you like, but each Revolut account can only earn a maximum of $15 in $DOT. Thus, even though this learn-and-earn program is a fantastic way to receive free cryptocurrency, there is a cap on the total amount you can make.

5. CoinGecko – Learning Rewards in $ALI, $ZBU, $AZERO, and More

Like Coinbase, the cryptocurrency data aggregator CoinGecko offers a fun learn-and-earn program that allows you to earn free cryptocurrency. In addition to earning rewards in the token you just learned about, you can learn about a wide range of new altcoins.

For tokens like Zeebu ($ZBU), Aleph Zero ($AZERO), and ALI Agents ($ALI), CoinGecko presently provides lessons and rewards. Oasys ($OAS), Sei Network ($SEI), Tezos ($XTZ), and other topics have been covered in previous lessons. If you're interested in learning more about these coins, you can still enroll in these older courses, but there are no more rewards.

CoinGecko Learn and Earn Free Crypto

The lessons on CoinGecko last for about 20 minutes and award you with $1–$5 in cryptocurrency. You also receive some candy, which you can exchange for access to special NFTs and airdrops, giveaway entries, and discounts with partners using CoinGecko. A few of the incentives are really valuable; one offer gives you a lifetime 20% discount on a Coinrule subscription, for instance.

6. Phemex – Get up to $1 for each cryptocurrency trading lesson.

A crypto learn and earn program is available on the cryptocurrency trading platform Phemex, and it pays money directly into your trading account. After that, you can purchase any of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies offered on Phemex with your rewards.

The trading platform is the main topic of Phemex's instruction. Lessons on how to earn with Phemex Launchpad, trade cryptocurrency spot and derivatives, and move cryptocurrency between Phemex and a wallet are included.

Phemex Learn and Earn Crypto Program

Lessons are completed in about five minutes, and each one is followed by a brief quiz. Each lesson has a different reward, but generally speaking, you'll get $0.60 to $1 in cash in your trading account. There are six lessons available right now, with a $4.40 maximum earnings.

7. CoinMarketCap – Learn and Receive Dozens of Token Rewards

With CoinMarketCap's crypto learn and earn program, you can learn about a variety of alternative coins, such as DeFi Chain, Tron, Solar, Sandbox, and more. The platform is a great way to obtain small amounts of many different altcoins because it offers rewards in the token you learn about.

CoinMarketCap only pays out rewards for one or two tokens at a time, which is a drawback. If a coin does not have an ongoing campaign, you can still learn about all of the tokens for which the platform has produced courses, but you will not be rewarded.

Coin Market Cap Learn and Earn Free Crypto

The course for each coin is divided into multiple video lessons, each lasting a few minutes. The lesson and follow-up quiz take ten to fifteen minutes to complete in total, and you will receive a reward of about one token for each one.

8. Binance Academy – Watch Videos to Win Dozens of Popular Cryptocurrencies

There are numerous courses available on a variety of altcoins at Binance Academy. Axelar, CyberConnect, Kyber Network, Radiant, DeXe, and many more topics are covered in the lessons. The courses are also brief; the majority include a three to five minute video and some textual material afterward.

You can take a quiz at the end of a course to get rewarded in the token you just studied. Although rewards differ, they usually total about $1 in cryptocurrency.

Binance Academy Crypto Learn and Earn Program

Every few months, Binance Academy offers a new coin to learn about and earn. You can only earn about $1 at a time because old coins aren't eligible for rewards. The good news is, if you're just eager to learn more about a particular altcoin, you can access all of the previous lessons whenever you'd like.

9. Pixel Realm – Discover Metaverse Initiatives and Get $LBL

A Web3 gaming ecosystem called Pixel Realm informs users about play-to-earn games, NFT, and the metaverse. At the moment, it provides a single educational course outlining the NFTb project, which is a platform that allows users to amass NFTs.

There are four lessons in the course, each lasting roughly five minutes, and a knowledge test at the conclusion. Upon passing the test, you'll get 205 $LBL tokens, which are roughly equal to $1.

Pixel Realm Learn and Earn Crypto Program

More educational courses with rewards in alternative tokens are being developed by Pixel Realm. Yoda Labs, a Web3 gaming hub and launchpad, is the subject of one upcoming course; SatoshiSync, a DeFi platform, is covered in another.

10. BeinCrypto – Get a $200 Coinbase Trading Bonus

BeinCrypto provides US traders interested in purchasing cryptocurrency on Coinbase with an incredibly lucrative learn and earn program. Through this program, you register for a Coinbase account, take a quick course on using the platform, and get a $200 welcome bonus. You can trade Bitcoin and other altcoins that are available on Coinbase with the bonus.

Seven lessons make up BeinCrypto's Coinbase course; each takes roughly ten minutes to read through. You have to complete the quiz at the conclusion of each lesson in order to get the bonus.

BeinCrypto Crypto Learn and Earn Program

Importantly, only US citizens are eligible to participate in BeinCrypto's learn and earn program. In order to receive your learning reward, you need to finish the KYC verification process in Coinbase.

11. Robinhood – Get $1 in Free $AVAX While Using a Mobile Device to Learn

Avax, USDC, and BTC are all offered for $1 each through the learn and earn program of cryptocurrency broker Robinhood. You can enroll in quick courses on each of these tokens; they last for about two minutes apiece and are quickly followed by five-question tests. You can try the quiz as many times as you like, but in order to receive cryptocurrency, you must correctly answer 4 out of 5 questions.

The program from Robinhood has the benefit of being mobile device optimized. Thus, you can learn and get free cryptocurrency while on the go—something that isn't achievable with every app we looked at. It should be noted that in order to use the learn and earn program, you need to have a Robinhood Trading account.

Robinhood Learn and Earn Crypto Program

Currently, Robinhood only allows $3 in cryptocurrency, but the broker might be developing plans to support more coins. Thus, your potential earning potential could rise in the future.

How We Organized the Best Crypto Learning and Earning Programs

Hundreds of learn and earn cryptocurrency apps were analyzed in order to select the best ones. The following criteria helped us determine our top choices:

Earning Potential – 25%

One of the most crucial criteria we used to rank these programs was the amount of cryptocurrency you could earn with a learn and earn program. There are programs that provide practically infinite rewards, and new courses and incentives are added on a daily or weekly basis. Some have somewhat lower earning potential, and new rewards and courses are added every month.

Although our list of the top learn and earn programs includes some with low maximum earnings ($10 or less in lifetime crypto earnings), these programs are still highly recommended. Other features that made these programs stand out were their excellent instructional content and short time requirements.

Time Requirement – 25%

To find out how long it really takes to earn the promised cryptocurrency reward, we put each program's courses to the test. This is crucial because two programs might have identical payout amounts but drastically different time requirements.

The majority of the programs we reviewed performed a good job of dividing the material into manageable chunks and cutting down on the total amount of time needed to finish a course. With the learn and earn programs we chose, you can generally anticipate getting a $1 reward every 5–10 minutes.

Accessibility and Ease of Participation – 20%

We considered this when comparing programs because not all learn and earn options are accessible to all users. Certain learn and earn programs, for instance, are restricted to US users only, while others expressly forbid US citizens.

We also examined the prerequisites for enrolling in a learn and earn program. While registration was required for every program we looked at, some did not require identity verification. This lowers the entry barrier for those who wish to amass as much cryptocurrency as soon as possible.

DeFi Chain Learn to Earn Course on BeinCrypto

Variety of Tasks Offered – 15%

Learn and earn programs that are monotonous can quickly wear you out and make it seem like a chore to finish learning and get the most out of your rewards. Thus, in order to keep the user experience engaging, we took into account whether each program provided a range of learning options, such as interactive tasks, videos, and text, as well as whether the content covered a broad range of topics.

Quality of Educational Content – 15%

Lastly, we thoroughly examined each learn and earn program's content to assess its caliber. We searched for comprehensive, user-friendly content that was accessible to those who were new to cryptocurrency. In order to accommodate users with varying learning styles and to reinforce key points, we also assessed whether the content is delivered in multiple formats.

What is Learn and Earn in Crypto?

You can get paid to learn about cryptocurrencies through learn and earn programs. They ask you to take a quick course covering a cryptocurrency-related subject, after which you must pass an exam to prove your understanding. If you pass, you'll receive bonus money for a cryptocurrency platform or cryptocurrency tokens.

Consider the upcoming learn and earn program from 99Bitcoin as an example. This platform will provide engaging classes covering cryptocurrency trading. You will receive $99BTC tokens upon course completion, which are valuable in the 99Bitcoins ecosystem. You can also sell your cryptocurrency for cash or convert the tokens into another cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

Typical components of a program designed to learn and earn include:

  • Text and video courses covering basic crypto topics such as trading, utilizing a crypto exchange, and blockchain technology
  • Textbooks and videos on particular cryptocurrencies, such as altcoins or Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • At the end of each course, there are quick tests to assess your knowledge.

You might also have to confirm your identity and open an account with the program provider (like a cryptocurrency exchange account) as part of an educational course.

Top Tips for Learning and Earning Cryptocurrency Programs

Programs that teach you how to earn cryptocurrency while you learn about Web3 can be a useful way to get free cryptocurrency. Here are some best practices to adhere to in order to ensure that you get the most out of these programs.

Change Up the Way You Participate

You can learn more about a variety of topics, boost your overall earnings, and maintain a fun and engaging experience by enrolling in multiple learn and earn crypto programs. This is due to the fact that various programs may introduce courses covering various facets of the cryptocurrency market and offer rewards in various altcoins.

Although it can be beneficial to join a few different programs, avoid overcommitting yourself by attempting to participate in each and every learn and earn initiative. If you select a few top programs to remain with and then optimize your earnings within those, you'll have a better overall experience.

Axelar Learn and Earn Course on Binance

Have Reasonable Expectations

It's critical to have a realistic expectation for both the amount of money you can make and the turnaround time for crypto learn and earn programs. These are not get-rich-quick schemes, but rather rewarding and educational programs.

The majority of learn and earn programs have maximum earnings caps. You will have a much better experience if you enter with realistic expectations for your earnings rather than entering with knowledge of how much you can make and setting goals to reach that amount.

Remain Informed and Up-to-Date

Programs for earning cryptocurrency are constantly evolving. New courses are offered by providers, who also phase out rewards for previous courses and offer rewards in new tokens. To make sure you're getting the most cryptocurrency for your time, it's crucial to be aware of which courses are currently offered and where you can earn the greatest rewards.

Conclusion – Is it Worth It to Learn and Earn in Cryptocurrency?

With the help of cryptocurrency learn and earn programs, you can become more knowledgeable about Web3 trends, blockchain technology, and the cryptocurrency market while also receiving free cryptocurrency to take part in the decentralized revolution. These programs won't make you wealthy, but they can be quite helpful if you want to experiment with different altcoins or get a taste of cryptocurrency without having to purchase tokens yourself.

According to us, 99Bitcoins has the greatest cryptocurrency learn and earn program for 2024. Explore hours of interactive content and gain access to even more exclusive content by earning the platform's new $99BTC token. To participate in the $99BTC token presale or the $99,999 BTC airdrop giveaway, visit 99Bitcoins right now.

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