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2024 Bonk Price Forecast: Is BONK a Good Investment?

It is just a time before another parabolic meme coin season commences, judging by the way prices increase daily.

Solana Meme Coin #2 Bonk, Bonds an 11% Pump This Week Amid Notable Showing of Relative Strength. Is it worth buying BONK or are there better things on the market?

The Bonk Price Is Rising As Traders Expect More Upside

After a flash sale in the entire market, Bonk has shown remarkable strength and is rocketing up hitting $0.00002688

That is 22% more than where it stood a month ago and trades at an almost 50% premium over its April lows.

Bonk has recently jumped to the top of a wedge pattern, indicating it may have more room higher, according to Analyst Expert Investments.

Based on the trader's analysis, Bonk is likely to near $0.00006 in weeks ahead.

"BONK has emerged from the triangle at a respectable volume. It is anticipated that the bullish trend will continue," the analyst wrote.


According to WebTrend Analytics, there will soon be a shift toward $0.00005. Based on Bonk's price action resembling that which preceded its previous all-time high (ATH), the analyst's thesis is supported.

"BONK's 4-hour chart exactly mirrors the previous local blow-off top," the analyst clarified. We have never seen a more bizarre repeating pattern than this one.

"RSI, WSI, and price action are all exact matches," he went on. In light of past price behavior, it appears that another blow-off top is just around the corner.


Although these analyses undoubtedly indicate a bullish outlook for the second-largest meme coin in Solana, other traders are taking into account all possible outcomes.

"Bonk is at a high in the local range and has rebounded well from the lows. From here, a shallow retreat or breakthrough is preferred. Retracing to the range low, though, would be difficult to see, as well-known trader CryptoCred noted.

This analysis indicates that a retracement to the range low would be bearish, so it is imperative that Bonk's momentum continues from here.

trading view chart

However, Bonk has recovered a large amount of its recent decline, placing it in a favorable position at the moment.

But Sealana is another meme coin that is gaining a lot of traction. Recently, the project—a new meme coin based in Solana—surpassed the $200K milestone in total funds raised.

Sealana, A New Meme Coin, Soars Past $200k; Will The Next Sol Presale Crash?

This year has seen an abundance of lucrative launches on the Solana presale circuit and that trend shows no signs of slowing in recent months. Slerf and Book of Meme were to cryptos what the Kardashians are to socialites; everyone wanted a piece-they became millionaires in their ICOs-so they traded it, sending prices higher than ever before.

While his story was an extreme example, Slothana went on to raise more than $15 million over the course of just a few weeks. But the hottest project at the moment is on its way: Sealana, a comical meme coin with playful seal characters who left his happy sea life for trying out a new gig as - what else!?


The one time swimmer and aquatic mammal, Sealana, to live out his Track Kokesh impersonations in a style he prefers does it from the beat: An degen trader chud hopping around life waiting blasting White boy summer hoping for lambos trips!

The hilarious new project marching online on the territory of Solana presale has sparked quite a buzz, and many top analysts as well as media outlets have started vouching for it being hyper-successful.

"Sealana is the next 10x Solana meme coin ready to rocket," says leading trader, ClayBro.

In the meantime, top media portals such as CoinGape WatcherGuru, CryptoPotato, too have featured about," highlighting exposure Flood of Attention is capable to generate.

While Sealana looks like a very promising project that has obviously the potential to do good in future, but with no hard cap of presales announced and everybody would want to hurry grab one for oneself.

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