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99Bitcoins Token Presale Raises $850K – Is This the Next Crypto to Explode?

Leading cryptocurrency media source 99Bitcoins has introduced its gamification layer along with a brand-new token called $99BTC.

The 99Bitcoins token is presently in a presale and recently crossed the $850K mark because of speculation about possible price growth after it goes live on exchanges.

The 99Bitcoins token is sure to benefit from the upcoming altcoins season. This will happen once the scarcity effect from Bitcoin's recent halving event takes effect, heightening the excitement.

Bitcoin's Rising Tide Will Lift All Boats, but $99BTC Expected to 10X

Without a doubt, if past performance is any indication, the Bitcoin halving will have a positive impact on cryptocurrency prices and lead to an explosive altcoins season.

Top analysts do, however, predict that the 99Bitcoins token will outperform the market in the upcoming months, offering a lucrative opportunity to those who purchase the presale in its current early stage.

For example, the 99Bitcoins token has been dubbed a "New 10x potential crypto presale" in an analysis recently published by renowned low-cap gem hunter Jacob Bury.

In the meantime, Michael Wrubel announced to his 311K subscribers that "99Bitcoins is finally launching a token" and praised the new presale. 

For those who do not know, 99Bitcoins is a leader in the cryptocurrency media space, offering excellent news, content, and analysis.

It has 2.8 million email subscribers and 700K YouTube subscribers, and readers of its news website.

The platform and CoinDesk launched in 2013. Although 99Bitcoins consistently shows a flair for innovation, its most recent project, a Learn-to-Earn layer, has created a lot of excitement in the market.

Learn-to-Earn: The Evolution of Crypto Education

99Bitcoins' "Learn-to-Earn" approach, which is modeled after Play-to-Earn games and saw explosive success in 2021, is projected to shake up the market and increase industry knowledge.

The foundation of the business is $99BTC, which grants access to the platform along with a host of extra features.

These include staking rewards, trading signals, a VIP community group, BRC20 tools, and education. As the staking pool expands, stakers can earn about a 2,100% APY; however, this will not last forever.

The $850K total raised during the presale indicates that investors are impressed with the new Learn-to-Earn platform and its corresponding $99BTC token.

But in addition to the advantages listed above, another element creating hype is the availability of top-notch crypto education that is modular and appropriate for all market participants.

Users are invited to start a self-learning journey with courses, tests, and tutorials on the Learn-to-Earn platform.

By finishing segments, learners will gain experience points (XP) that will help them climb the platform's leaderboard. As they ascend, they will be able to receive more cryptocurrency rewards.

99 Investors Will Receive $1K Worth of BTC in the Presale Airdrop

99Bitcoins is celebrating its launch with an airdrop where 99 winners will receive $99K worth of Bitcoin.

On the project's Gleam page, there are tasks that participants must complete to receive up to 11 entrees. On July 24, 2024, the airdrop winners will be revealed.

Although 99Bitcoins has a lot of moving components, the new $99BTC offers a unique chance to invest in a leading token from the ground up. 

The price of $99BTC is currently $0.00102, but it will increase during the presale. The next increase is expected in three days or when the total amount raised reaches $1.4 million. 

Thus, be sure to benefit from the current offer. For the most recent updates, join 99Bitcoins' Telegram channel or follow them on X. You can also purchase and stake tokens via its website.

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