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Analysts Support Dogecoin Reaching $1, Traders Bullish on New Dogeverse Meme Coin

Analysts predict that Dogecoin will lead the next rally in the cryptocurrency market, which is gradually recovering from its recent selloff. A known trader believes a $1 price tag won't be far off.

The new ICO token Dogeverse seems promising because a reputable analyst has backed it 100x.

DOGE Could Lead the Next Meme Coin Rally and Reach $1

While it seems as if market leader Dogecoin is just getting started, the last attempt at a meme coin season has been puzzling.

Analysts say that a popular cryptocurrency like Dogecoin may soon see a huge price surge. This recent pull-back is welcome, as we are due for a breather right before the next push higher.

Although Dogecoin's price will be pressured to extend to lower lows sooner rather than later, Rafaela Rigo viewed new consolidation as the likely course for the eighth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Lastly, the analyst believes that a big pump will be led by Dogecoin.

This one has a price expectation of over $1.00 for the cycle. My first target is 25X of its lower price point to this. The entry may be at a lower price, and while the short-term forecast remains bearish. Nevertheless, I'm in," the analyst tweeted Wednesday, which went viral.

While Javon Marks stressed the importance of Dogecoin's recent pullback for its future trend, He said the Dogecoin price predictions for long-run are $0.65 and $1.3.

As per the analyst, the price of Dogecoin made an upside move of +234% after it breaks out the mentioned resisting trend before this potential healthful pullback.

"Price pullbacks may only assist prices in a >315% uphill run to the $0.6553 target," he said, adding that "prices still hold the support."

Reputable meme coin analyst and Because Bitcoin CEO Max Schwartzman believes Dogecoin will do better than the overall market because it was able to take advantage of a larger market share the last time Bitcoin went through price discovery.

Max added to his prejudice when he said, "Doge is the king altcoin... It was before ETH by even more. This quarter, if DOGE can gain significant traction, it will carry the majority of other altcoins with it. I believe the best is still to come, and we may be approaching a dangerous season."

However, some traders remain optimistic about Dogecoin and believe other cryptocurrencies related to it may do better than the leading dog.

“It's important to remember that holding strong Dogecoin betas is important. In terms of probability, they are rising over time.” said The CryptoBull.

Dogeverse is a popular presale that has raised over $8 million in its first two weeks and is one of the most promising Dogecoin betas.

Analysts Support Dogeverse to Surge as Project Approaches $8M Milestone

As it invites traders into a new world of interconnected memetic activity, Dogeverse is a new presale meme coin that challenges established industry norms.

Since most meme coins are exclusive to a single blockchain network, they become stagnant when traders move, for example, from Solana to Base. Not Dogeverse, though.

Cosmos the Chain Hopping Dog, the project's mascot, is accessible on the six most popular blockchains with smart contracts enabled, guaranteeing its adaptability to the constantly shifting meme coin market.

The launch will be after its quest on Polgon, BSC and Ethereum, and later launch on Solana, Base and Avalanche.

Dogeverse avoids the risk of user migration by dynamically forming connections between the previously separate meme coin communities, helping their brands to capture meme coins, where all the fun can take place.

The opportunity for investors to stake their tokens for passive rewards heightens the excitement. They can currently earn 133% APY, but this will drop as more tokens are staked.

Prominent gem hunter Jacob Bury believed that Dogeverse could 100x in a YouTube video on Thursday. Gains this size are certainly optimistic, but Dogeverse's unique use case suggests that things will improve.

The $DOGEVERSE presale price is currently $0.000299, but it will increase during the campaign. The next increase is scheduled to occur in one day, or when the total amount raised reaches $8.8 million.

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