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CoinPoker Launches Massive Online Tournament Series with $25 Million Prize Pool - CSOP+

CoinPoker, the biggest cryptocurrency-based poker site, is getting ready for another thrilling non-stop poker action known as CSOP Plus (CSOP+), barely a few days after wrapping up its April CSOP event.

The CoinPoker team announced on X (Twitter) that players will be able to compete for a $25 million prize pool during the three-week tournament series, which will run from May 5 to May 26, 2024. 

CSOP+ Tournaments Now Available on CoinPoker

CoinPoker's CSOP+ event, dubbed one of the largest online poker tournament series in the casino industry, offers high rollers and recreational players plenty of chances to take home large payouts from its incredible prize pool. 

The tournament series' first iteration, which took place from April 18 to April 28, was a huge success, with players sharing a $1 million prize pool and an additional $10,000 in value. 

To accommodate players of varying skill levels, the series featured 41 intense events and game types, such as Pot Limit Omaha, No Limit Hold-em, progressive knockout (PKO) tournaments, and more.

Numerous poker fans have been craving more since this thrilling series ended late last month. CoinPoker is responding by announcing an even larger three-week poker spectacle than the previous series. 

Building on the last CSOP event's success, the CSOP Plus promises a compelling $25 million guaranteed prize pool and the opportunity to play in dozens of exciting satellite tournaments featured in the series. 

More About the CSOP Plus Event

Are you an expert poker player hoping to win an incredible prize? The CSOP Plus series from CoinPoker meets your needs. As the competition gets underway today, May 5, explore the variety of events tailored to your preferred style of poker. 

During the three weeks of nonstop poker action, Progressive Knockouts (PKO), Freezeout, 6-max, Regular, Deepstack, and Turbo Formats, NLHE and PLO games, and at least 14–18 different event types per day will be featured, according to the CoinPoker website.

The four main events are the biggest draw of this tournament and will benefit from prize pools ranging between $12k to $600k.

The "Good Game 1% Admin Bonus" also increases the motivation to play. In addition to earning $1 for each buy-in, you will also receive one credit. Once you've accumulated enough credit points, you can exchange them for entry into the main CSOP Plus events. 

Thus, if you still need to open an account with CoinPoker, now is the perfect time to do so and join the list of players vying for the $25 million CSOP+ prizepool. 

How CoinPoker is Shaping the Casino Landscape?

Because of its creative approach to online gambling, CoinPoker is firmly established as one of the most sought-after platforms in the GambleFi landscape. This top platform in the industry is highly talked about for its generous tournaments and events, which give players a great chance to win tasty prizes. 

CoinPoker is unique when it comes to organizing thrilling tournament series that accommodate players' preferred formats. After holding the biggest online poker pot in 2022, the respectable poker-based platform garnered significant media attention. Even now, CoinPoker continues to offer some of the largest cash pots available.

The maximum flexibility of CoinPoker's tournament series is one of its main draws; players of all skill levels and bankrolls can win enormous cash prizes. 

Players with varying skill levels and tastes can select their preferred format from a vast array of events. Every poker player in the world now has the chance to compete for enormous prize pools thanks to this unique feature of the tournament. 

Above all, CoinPoker is doing everything possible to give players enjoyable and unforgettable gaming experiences. Recently, CoinPoker announced a zero-free withdrawal policy on its ecosystem, much like Rollbit, an online casino that is comparable. 

The performance of its native token, CHP, on the price charts has been greatly impacted by this development in addition to its lucrative tournament series. According to CoinmarketCap, the price of CHP has risen by roughly 3.9% over the last seven days and by 10% over the previous month.

We anticipate a significant increase in the price of CHP during the coming days as the CSOP Plus series gains popularity. 


Future in the GambleFi potential of CoinPoker is huge as a casino, and many believe they could be leading this sector to new places for years to come. CoinPoker has incorporated the zero-withdrawal policy that we saw with Rollbit, where each purchase is forever removed from circulation while adding a series of tournament adventures and challenges for members.

CoinPoker has made a name for itself in jackpots where the biggest part landed to poker fans proving even more its dedication to quality play. This has stated the launch of CSOP+, and gamers are actually stoked about one more sequence on this website as they each picture that this type of place is going to take a properly defined experience around their popular form.

The eagerly-awaited event is expected to be a roaring success and should draw just as well we recent the most high-exposure tournaments CoinPoker has played host to. Finally, CSOP+ will stand the mobile casino as last top position in GambleFi ecosystem later.

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