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Could This New Crypto Presale Soon Launch on Binance?

Due to its extremely strict standards when onboarding new projects, Binance currently only offers 11 meme coins. 

Before allowing a token to be launched on its platform, the cryptocurrency exchange assesses it based on its growth potential, community support, and authenticity. 

However, according to rumors, a new meme coin called Dogeverse may be able to get listed on Binance because of its ground-breaking multi-chain status and high initial demand. 

If the rumors are accurate, Dogeverse has a good chance of becoming the next big meme coin and exceeding the optimistic 100x–1000x predictions of popular YouTube traders. 

Dogeverse: The Coin Meme Community is Bullish - But What Is It?

As mentioned previously, a multi-chain meme coin called Dogeverse will launch on six different blockchain ecosystems. It would, in fact, be the first meme coin to do so.

The token will soon go live on Solana and Base and be available on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and BNB Chain. 

With a few button clicks, token holders will be able to switch chains and take advantage of each ecosystem's offerings. On Ethereum, for example, they can receive staking rewards with a reward rate of more than 200%. On Base or Solana, they could also take advantage of the low-cost trading fees. 

Considering that the exchange supports the integration of its token and services in new cryptocurrency projects, the availability of Dogeverse on the BNB Chain is also sparking rumors about Binance. 

Memes have also functioned as leveraged bets on the corresponding native tokens. For example, Solana meme coins like Dogwifhat could ride the wave of success created by SOL and even surpass it in the short run. 

Dogeverse can now take advantage of six different layer-1 tokens because of its multi-chain status, which is a great asset in a bull market.

Due to this creative idea, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the project; in just one week, the Dogeverse presale raised over $4.5 million. Experts on YouTube and smart money traders are also intrigued by the new meme coin.

According to cryptocurrency analyst ClayBro, the token will provide 20 times returns once it launches.

Similarly, Dogeverse may be the next 100x meme coin, according to the popular YouTube channel 99Bitcoins, which has over 700k subscribers.

Analyst Roshawn Silva agrees with this opinion as well. TodayTrader, on the other hand, projects returns of up to 1000 times.

Could Dogeverse be Listed on Binance?

Any cryptocurrency exchange, including Binance, appreciates a new project having a strong community behind it.

With its presale fundraiser and now rosy price predictions, Dogeverse appears to be very popular in the meme coin circles. As we near Doge Day on April 20th, the hype surrounding all things Doge will increase in momentum.

Because of its market cap, Dogecoin remains very tied to the general bearish mood in the market. Investors are currently on a hunt for new, low cap options.

Dogeverse can differentiate itself from the competition due to its creative multi-chain status and staking program, even though most new meme coins are utilityless pump-and-dump schemes. 

Binance also prefers projects developed under the strictest security requirements. There are no client funds at significant risk from security perspective, based on Coinsult's audit of the Dogeverse smart contract. The smart contract owner shall not perform any illegal activities such as coin minting and blacklisting address.

Dogeverse has listed the audit report, tokenomics and project roadmap directly on their website to promote full transparency.

How Can I Purchase the New Meme Coin?

For Dogeverse to be listed on Binance, The remaining early buyers will make (even more) money The token can be acquried for a discounted price of $0.000295 during the presale stage.

This rate increases after tomorrow, on Tuesday, and the present presale phase will finish. Purchasers of the Ethereum will also start receiving lesser staking rewards soon so it is still "early bird gets the worm".

To visit the Dogeverse presale, potential buyers have to connect their wallet through using the buy over-the-counter widget. They can purchase the token using a bank card, or swap ETH, BNB, MATIC or AVAX.

Dogeverse purchases will be available on the Solana and Base chains.

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