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How to Purchase Bitcoin on Binance Using Apple Pay

The cryptocurrency world is tough and values two things above all else: convenience, and security for traders and investors. 

Binance constant in upgrading its platform to facilitate transactions in a swift and safe manner. One of those additions is support for purchasing Bitcoin with Apple Pay. 

This article will walk you through getting Bitcoin with Apple Pay on Binance, so it is better to keep yourself informed to use this feature.

Overview Of Apple Pay And Binance

Binance: An Elite Exchange for Cryptocurrencies

Binance is a platform for purchasing, trading, or otherwise working with cryptocurrency in 2021. 

Binance is one of the biggest exchanges in the market, It offers access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins and other tokens with million users around the world. 

Its strong security measures, high liquidity, and user-friendly interface appeal to both novice and seasoned traders.

Apple Pay: A Convenient Payment Method

Apple Inc. offers a mobile payment service and digital wallet called Apple Pay. It enables users to pay for purchases made in-person, through iOS applications, and online using Safari. 

Address the feature Right now, Apple Pay is being activated around the world, adding another secure, private and frictionless method to pay for things on the spot.

Does Costco Take Apple Pay?

As you plan out how you want to pay for different things, you may wonder to yourself: does Costco take Apple Pay? Yes, Costco accepts Apple Pay in stores Clearly, this broad adoption played a major role in establishing Apple Pay as a secure payment method that more and more people are willing to entrust their money. 

Just as the customers of Costco relish the convenience of using Apple Pay, the cryptocurrency traders too finds it pretty convenient and secure to make a payment through Apple Pay on Binance.

How to Purchase Bitcoin on Binance Using Apple Pay

Step 1: Open a Binance Account

Go to Binance site to or to download Binance app on mobile. Click on Register and type the necessary information, e.g. email and chosen strong password. That's it, sign up and activate your email.

Step 2: Complete KYC Verification

While Binance follows the KYC policy for their regulations and also for a secure environment. This includes submitting ID documents like a passport or driver license and a mere selfie to confirm your profile in order. 

This is a key step to get the best out of Binance, as well as enabling the buy Bitcoin by Apple Pay option.

Step 3: Connect Your Binance Account to Apple Pay

Apple Pay After setting up and verifying your Binance account, link Apple Pay. Activate your Binance account and navigate to the upper Wallet section. 

Choose "Deposit" and click "USD" or whatever your local currency is. Click the option for payment and then click on "Apple Pay" and there will be a prompt on how you can connect it with your Apple Pay Account.

Step 4: Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay

Now that you linked your Apple Pay account, you can go ahead and buy Bitcoin. Click on the "Buy Crypto" section of Binance and then choose "Bitcoin" as your cryptocurrency to purchase. 

Enter the desired amount, pick it, and choose Apple Pay as the payment option. Examine the transaction details and accept the purchase. After that, your Bitcoin will automatically be deposited to your Binance wallet.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay on Binance


Accessibility is one of the main perks of utilizing Apple Pay on Binance. Apple Pay allows to minimize the number of steps that pledges would need to do for a transaction. 

It is user-friendliness that makes it beneficial for people just starting out in trading cryptocurrencies.


Apple Pay is considered as one of the most secure methods. Apple Pay transactions are encrypted and authenticated with either Face ID or Touch ID. This brings an extra element of security that keeps your cash details reserved.


Buying Bitcoin from Binance using Apple Pay is a very fast and effective process. Another feature of Apple Pay that sets it apart from other options is you can instantly pay, which means you can buy Bitcoin without any delays. 

This speed is important in the world of high-speed cryptocurrency trading (Cryptocurrency prices are known to move pretty quickly).

Things to Consider


Although Apple Pay on Binance comes in handy, it remains pricey to use. There is a minor fee applying to all transactions with Apple Pay on Binance. Make sure to read Binance web/app to check the fees of your purchase.


How much Bitcoin I can buy using Apple Pay? To ensure everything goes smoothly during your transaction, simply see both the limits of your account.

Market Volatility

Good thing the cryptocurrency market is so low in volatility. The value of Bitcoin can change in just a few seconds. Remember to always consider market conditions and your strategy before buying Bitcoin. It is important to keep track on market sentiments and news to take well informed decisions.

Upcoming Features and Updates

Enhanced Payment Options

Binance always keeps on updating their platform to give the best services to the users. Make sure to track what features and updates are on the road that will make this payment options more attractive, like Apple Pay. 

Those updates could range from reducing the cost to use the platform to raising the amount of money that can pass through the platform to a better-onboarding process.

Integration with Other Cryptocurrencies

You can buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay right now. Nevertheless, Binance could roll out this functionality to be compatible with other coins. 

Users will have more options to personalize their cryptocurrency holdings thanks to this integration.

The Best Methods for Safe Transactions

Allow Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you're a user of Binance, keep your account secured by setting up two-factor authentication (2FA). This offers another layer of safety through the necessity of a one-time recognition token from your cell phone as well as your password.

Use a Secure Internet Connection

Have a secure connection to the internet before you making any transaction. Do not use public Wi-Fi networks that can be targeted for hacking. Use a private and encrypted pipe, not for your bank data.

Regularly Monitor Your Account

Keep an eye on your Binance account frequently for any strange behaviour. Verify your transaction history and also account balance so that you can be sure that no one had unauthorized access to your account. And of course flood Binance with complain as soon as you notice anything strange.


Purchasing Bitcoin via Binance with Apple Pay can be an easy, safe, and effective option to leverage the profitable field of cryptocurreny trading. Using this guide you can quickly connect Apple Pay to Binance and buy Bitcoin in a few taps. 

This means you can use Apple Pay within a similar environment while avoiding the potential for your credit card details to be stolen and having to pay higher prices via a third-party website. Now that you are exploring different payment solutions, payment gateways, you might be tempted to ask "does Costco take Apple Pay? 

Apple Pay is already accepted at Costco locations, which simplifies the process for buyers. Likewise, Binance has made cryptocurrency trading smoother than ever by allowing users to purchase Bitcoin with Apple Pay.

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