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Mega Dice Presale Begins: Aiming to Reign as the Leading GameFi Coin on Solana

With over 50,000 registered members and over 10,000 active monthly players, Mega Dice is a well-known cryptocurrency casino. It has introduced DICE, a new token, through an initial coin offering (ICO).

The casino's cryptocurrency will be called the DICE token. The project's objective is to make it Solana's network's top GameFi. As of this writing, you can purchase DICE tokens with SOL, ETH, or BNB for $0.069 apiece.

A further 15% will be used for liquidity pools, another 15% for the casino's DICE pool, and the remaining 15% will be set aside to be airdropped to players. 

35% of Mega Dice's 420,000,000 DICE tokens are being sold during the presale. Thus, the total amount up for grabs is 147 million tokens. 

The remaining 10% was divided into two equal 5% funds, one for affiliates and the other for marketing and KOL deals. The 10% of the funds will be used for staking rewards.

After the project raised over $300,000 in just a few days, a cryptocurrency expert who runs a YouTube channel for speculated that Mega Dice might be the next 100x presale.

Mega Dice Casino Overview

Mega Dice Casino permits users to place bets with virtual currencies.

A variety of sports betting and casino games. A key reason for the platform's existence is to cultivate a large following of people who appreciate loyalty and commensurate reward.

With this project, a special ecosystem will be introduced, where users can make use of certain privileges, such as getting better rewards or participating in revenue sharing, by starting its own Mega Dice (DICE) cryptocurrency.

Currently, Mega Dice is moving through its road map, which will have the presale as the first stage. The launch of a professional marketing campaign is planned in the next phase of its campaign using the funds raised by its team.

The second stage will involve the presale participants being able to snatch up THEIR tokens, and the third — the project will be adding a hefty liquidity pool.

Mega Dice will launch an early staking incentive in Stage 4. After that, the project's first DEX launch is anticipated to occur in Stage 5.

As previously indicated, 15% of the project will be given to casino players via airdrop. The funds will be distributed over three delivery phases or seasons. Each phase will airdrop $750,000, for a total of $2,250,000. 

But in order to be eligible, the participants must be casino players who are kept active on the platform and achieve a betting volume of $5000 over 21 days. The project will then add DK staking tomorrow which will make token holders eligible for daily rewards based on the revenues of the casino.

The Casino Token Hype Begins

Mega Dice presale is the most recent example of current casinos introducing their cryptocurrency. 

Scorpion Casino is another well-known, rapidly expanding casino that has figured out how to use a cryptocurrency token to enhance its offerings.

Scorpion Casino successfully completed its presale, raising over $10 million and reaching 100% of its target. 25,448 users took part in this initial coin offering (ICO), which sold its SCORP token for $0.05 per unit.

Scorpion introduced the option to use cryptocurrency in wagers and staking for passive rewards, similar to Mega Dice. The project is currently awaiting listing on several exchanges, such as XT.Com (April 30) and BitMart (April 22).

The price of SCORP has increased by more than 400% to $0.25 since its launch. This shows that there may be interest in casino tokens, which may shed light on how the DICE token will perform in the future.

Naturally, Rollbit Coin (RLB), with a peak valuation of nearly $1 billion, dominates the GameFi coin market. Given that gambling is a timeless pastime unaffected by market cycles, $RLB was among the top performers during the most recent cryptocurrency bear market. 

You can follow Mega Dice on X or sign up for its Telegram channel to stay informed of updates and future announcements.

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