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Meme Coin Watch: Monday's Top Gainers Were Catwifhat and Book of Memes

As of late, the meme coin scene has been gaining steam, and this day is no different.

A number of meme coins, such as the humorously named catwifhat (CWIF) and the Solana-based Book of Meme (BOME), are seeing remarkable price increases.

Meme's Book Is On Fire As Its Token Increases 10% In A Day

As of today, Book of Meme has gone up 10% which makes it worth $0.0118 each in value this time around

At last check, the shares were up about 17% and look to be on pace for a fifth prime-time-plus close in six days.

Another sign of BOME's growing strength is that spot volumes increased by 31% compared to the previous day and are now running at $347 million for a single market.

Book of Meme is now the fifth most traded meme coin during that period.

Although there isn't any particular news causing this increase, Bitcoin's recovery may be to blame for the revival.

In the last five days, Bitcoin has increased by 12%, and this surge appears to be igniting fresh interest in the meme coin market.

It remains to be seen if Book of Meme can keep up this pace, but for the time being the token is undoubtedly profiting from the optimistic attitude surrounding the cryptocurrency market.

catwifhat's Price Soars to Near $3 Million in Spot Trading Volumes

Catwifhat, another meme coin that appears to have caught the public's attention with a 110% rally toward $0.000000454 - its highest price in well over a month.

With spot volumes also have explosion 137%, boosting to $2.9 million putting together with this pump CWIF in the top-1000 coins by market capitalization alone.

The extent of investors' interest is further demonstrated by its current #1 trending position on Birdeye, a Solana token tracker.

Even with CWIF being tradable only on a few CEXs like LBank and Poloniex, future listings of those exchanges may mean even greater profits for this cat meme coin.

Furthermore, catwifhat's obvious link to dogwifhat, the biggest meme token based in Solana, may increase its value and popularity.

But like the majority of meme coins, CWIF is just a means of speculation and has no real purpose.

Therefore, even though the current price surge is impressive, the token could equally as quickly drop back to earth.

What Are The Top-Performing Other Meme Coins?

There are new coins and tokens released every hour, with Book of Meme and catwifhat leading the way.

Because of this, investors are constantly searching for the next big thing, and thrillingpresale projects like Sealana (SEAL) may be among them.

In Less Than A Week, Sealana, a New Meme Coin on the Block, Raises $250K

Sealana has garnered significant attention in the brief five days since its presale began.  

The market for meme coins is being disrupted by this new project based in Solana. For far too long, dogs, cats, and frogs have dominated this market.

Investors have taken a liking to Sealana's plump seal mascot, who is fixated on discovering the next big Solana meme coin.  

In less than a week, over $250,000 has been raised during the SEAL token presale thanks to this relatable and humorous story.

Given the current momentum, Some speculate that the presale may sell out sooner rather than after.

Another promising development is the "send-to-wallet" purchase option that Sealana used for The Book of Meme - which has already proved to be a successful strategy.

Obviously Sealana's group would like to replicate that outstanding success.

Out of this one SOL investment, you will get 6,900 SEAL tokens at the time of writing which values each SEAL token to approximately $0.0223

And given the low entry barrier, many of them are stepping in.

Moreover, there is no denying the enthusiasm that Sealana's Twitter (X) and Telegram communities are receiving, with hundreds of traders joining them every day.

As a result, every indication suggests that the next few weeks could be extremely exciting as this peculiar meme coin gets ready to launch.

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