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Near Protocol Surges 30% After Bitcoin Halving, WienerAI Raises $150,000 Instantly

AI has made a significant impact on the cryptocurrency landscape. And if the 30% post-halving pump from Near Protocol is any guide, it's here to stay. 

Before and following the most recent Bitcoin halving, the market capitalization of AI tokens increased dramatically. Therefore, it makes sense that there has been a sharp increase in purchases during the presale of the new AI meme coin WienerAI ($WAI).

Top AI Token Witnesses 205% Pump

At the moment, Near Protocol is a dominant force in AI, which is greatly satisfying investors. Near has seen a huge 205% increase in the last year, and its market cap is currently at $6.5 billion USD. Given its recent success, traders are drooling over the possibility of another massive AI token.

As real AI protocols, tokens like TAO and NEAR already have extremely high market caps. New investors can expect to max out by 2-3X during the peak of the upcoming bull market. These returns would be considered exceptional in a typical market, but this is the crypto world. It's possible that investors are moving their money away from these popular AI tokens because they're used to seeing 1000X runs.

There are a lot of AI tokens to pick from, with a market capitalization of over $20 billion. But given WienerAI's blazingly hot presale success, it appears that some traders think Wiener AI ($WAI) is the next significant AI token.

Unconventional, Yet Recognizable – An AI Meme Coin

Altcoin and meme coin traders are constantly searching for the next big opportunity. They know they can be set up for life with a single large token pump. The two groups discovered the same token on WienerAI at the same time.

We have never seen anything like WienerAI ($WAI), and investors are enamored with it. A coin that uses AI technology and has a strong community and typical silliness. An intriguing, humorous, and powerful storyline turned by WienerAI appears to have investors enthralled:

"The Architect, a mad scientist, toils through the night creating his masterwork, a highly developed cybernetic canine AI in New Silicon Valley, Year 2132. With the sound of advanced computers humming, The Architect is set to obliterate the distinction between AI and Pup. He will have created the most advanced artificial intelligence in history.

Unfortunately, The Architect was consuming a sausage at the time of the synthetic DNA splicing, which resulted in a small amount—okay, possibly a large amount—of hotdog DNA mixed up with the priceless mixture. This *oopsie* had some unexpected repercussions. Though WienerAI may appear somewhat unconventional, fear not—he is, in fact, the most powerful AI in the universe!"

The WienerAI team appears to have simultaneously hit upon two extremely timely narratives with this hybrid AI/dog-theme.

The fact that $250,000 USD was raised in a matter of days and that $150,000 was raised in the first few minutes after the presale stage opened indicates that both meme coin gem hunters and conventional altcoin/ai token maxis are very interested. Given the success of all tokens after the halving, this merging of two worlds is contributing to a growing FOMO in the cryptosphere, which may result in the largest winner in a long time.

How to Join the Early Presale Phase

It's still very early in the WienerAI presale. However, because of the way the presale is organized until it ends, the price goes up about every two days. 

This indicates that traders enter the market as soon as possible to lock in the best price. Due to this mechanism, there is a tangible energy surrounding the project, and many traders are buzzing about it.

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