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$SCORP is Red Hot: Over 210 Casino Games, 35+ Sports, Up to $10,000 Daily Passive Income, and $250K Giveaway

The gambling industry is worth billions of dollars overall, and online casinos hold a staggering $263.3 billion market share in this enormous industry. 

However, the allure of blockchain technology and its incorporation with gaming has also allowed the cryptocurrency casino market to succeed in creating a $250 million industry within the highly competitive field.

This is highlighted on Scorpion Casino's amazing website, which covers every topic that could interest a player or investor. This is another reason why many people think that the project's successful presale is a sneak peek at what's to come. 

But Can It Outperform the Current Market Leaders?

Among the many cryptocurrency casinos that distinguish themselves from one another with a variety of features, Scorpion Casino was the first to launch. This naturally implies that the project may not be able to reduce the market share of the current options unless significant marketing is used. 

The creators of Scorpion, however, have surmounted this obstacle by incorporating all the features that other cryptocurrency casinos typically offer in addition to a few extras. Due to this action, the project is immediately placed far ahead of its rivals and is highly recommended for consideration by both novice and experienced players.

Scorpion Casino has partnered with some of the top game providers in the industry and holds a license. Along with more than 35 sports betting choices, it offers more than 200 casino games. 

Because SCORP is the native token and the means of payment for playing on the platform, it presents itself as a great investment opportunity. The team has reassured the community about security by showcasing a thorough audit and KYC certificate from SolidProof, a well-known auditing firm in the industry.

Scorpion Casino may currently be up against some of its fiercest rivals, such as Rollbit, BC.Games, Stake, or Roobet. Only Rollbit among these provides a native token, but unlike Scorpion Casino, it does not offer staking opportunities for investors. A user can benefit from additional passive income streams just by participating in the Scorpion ecosystem.

Why SCORP Might Establish Itself as a Market Leader

The SCORP token may become a dominant force in the cryptocurrency casino market in the upcoming months for a number of strong reasons, but some of the most intriguing ones are as follows:

Up to $10,000 in Daily Passive Income

Regardless of the state of the market, investors can begin making money right away and have the opportunity to earn up to 10,000 USDT per day from this regulated platform through passive staking. Benefiting from a daily staking rate of 150%—50% more than the average staking rate—are members of the SCORP staking pool. 

This will only be available to SCORP token lock holders and presale participants at a cost of $0.05 per token for a three-year period. Furthermore, half of the tokens acquired via the Scorpion buyback procedure are given to the Scorpion Staking Pool, which makes money every day for SCORP holders in accordance with the amount of tokens they own. 

$250K Prize Draw 

Investors almost always embrace giveaways because they give community members the chance to win free cryptocurrency just by being a part of the ecosystem. Scorpion has chosen to go all out and is offering a whooping $250k as a giveaway. 

Despite the fact that this was only available to presale participants, the community is still very interested in finding out who will win, as seen by the large number of posts on social medias that tag the project on different platforms.

Scorpion NFTs

You can begin by taking advantage of additional rewards starting at $1,000. In addition to earning more SCORP during the presale, you can unlock better rewards by joining the Elite Scorpion Members Club. 

For every $1,000 spent at Scorpion Casino, you will receive a Bronze Scorpion NFT, 10% SCORP reward, 5% bonus for casino credits, USDT staking rewards, staking bonuses, and a VIP package.

When you buy SCORP, you automatically receive the NFT membership. Higher levels of NFTs, such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, can be obtained in this way; the rewards for doing so exceed the amount wagered. 

Partnership With a Top Blockchain Incubator

Tenset, the developer of well-known games like Everdome (which experienced an 80x return-back in pre-sale) and Meta Hero (which saw a 100x return in pre-sale), has teamed up with Scorpion Casino. 

Tenset’s Program has a track history of successfully integrating new cryptocurrencies and providing significant returns to early investors. After months of development, this strategic alliance is ready to take SCORP to new heights.

Sequence of Exchange Listings

When tokens are listed on several exchanges, their prices usually rise significantly because investors expect more exposure. PancakeSwap (April 16), LBANK (April 17), Bitmart (April 22), and XT.COM (April 30) are the next listings for SCORP. 

As the token is already on PancakeSwap, its price increased quite a lot. This indicates high probability for further growth, since the more exchange platforms list this token on their lists - and there are already many of them in total by now.

Although it is in a very early stage, players of all nationalities have shown interest. At the time of writing, this token was trading at ~$0.165 which is over 230% from where it had launched just days ago.

Given the growing popularity in the market and what features it has already integrated, this opportunity is not to be overlooked by any player or Previous Cryptocurrency investor. As a result, there is every reason to believe that SCORP will see another pump.

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