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Slerf Price Continues to Rise – Can it Reach $1 as New SOL Meme Coin Slothana Prepares for Listing?

The meme coin Slerf, based in Solana, has been trending with a recent price rise. Right now, it's trading 11% higher than yesterday.

On the other hand, as Slothana gets ready for its initial exchange offering (IEO), it is also gaining momentum as another promising Solana token.

Slerf Price Skyrockets as Team Launches Second Presale

Slerf raised $1.3 million in two hours for its second presale in Solana and has seen an 11% increase in the price today.

The presale supply was effectively burned, but the presale was reported in every market publication last month, not because the team raised $10m but because of the nature of the presale campaign.

Unfortunately, this added to the transmission pricing in the fewer remaining SLERF. You saw the market go into euphoria and such mania coins like Slerf traded more volume on-chain than Ethereum and the meme-ability of the coin got it on countless major mainstream outlets like Bloomberg.

But since the group has gone memetic, they appear willing to give it one more try, announcing that they will open a new line of NFTs in the near future, allowing the community to presale acquirement.

As previously reported by Whale Insider, an X news account, the presale netted a staggering 7,552 SOL ($1.3 million) in two hours.

The presale was only 19 hours ago, and there was not much posted via the Slerf X presale account - other than the fact that the MG is just that limited.

Meanwhile, the price of SLERF has also been rising amid the recent downtrend, and it jumped to the highest level in ten days.

May be, other than the presale, the LBank exchange supported SLERF. This is because it has already raised money from the first presale, which could give exits on exchange the opportunity to buy more Slerf from exchange.

LBank's CMO - Kaia W., announced that the amount of SOL reimbursed through the donation program exceeded $19,000.

Adding even more fuel to the fire, blockchain analytics account, LookOnChain, which tracks whales along the blockchain, indicated that they have been buying SLERF on the dip as well, signaling the smart money is very bullish on the project.

However, Slothana is another Solana meme coin that is seeing a lot of investment. Due to the presale currently taking place, investors can participate in the project from the beginning before it is listed on exchanges.

Could $SLOTH Be the Next SLERF After Raising $10M in 2 Weeks?

Slothana, a lazy sloth-themed meme coin gaining incredible popularity, is the next meme coin to join the presale meme coin meta.

The Slothana presale surpassed Slerf's total raise and Book of Meme, the original Solana meme coin, just two weeks after its launch.

With its IEO scheduled for nine days, Slothana is now focused. Exchange launches have opened up huge possibilities for traders of Book of Meme and Slerf.

Several BOME presale buyers made millions from five-figure investments, according to LookOnChain. Fast-moving Slerf traders, meanwhile, also made enormous gains by entering the market early.

Though there are rumors that Slothana was developed by the shrewd crew of developers and marketers behind Smog, it appears to be the most promising contender. 

Another meme coin based in Solana, Smog, debuted in February and has since grown 100x  to a $200 million market capitalization.

A connection between the two teams was immediately noticed by observers when Smog left a comment on Slothana's very first X post at a time when it had only 50 followers. 

With its remarkable presale success, memetic allure, and possibly first-in-class team, Slothana appears ready to rise following the exchange launch.

Analysts also support it; Crypto Wire recently stated, "Slothana meme project could 100x."

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