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VR Cryptocurrency Surges with $5.5 Million in Funding: Analysts Predict Major Growth This Year

As the cryptocurrency market struggles to push higher for its next leg up stunning new narratives are relaxing poolside primed and ready to explode in value. 

In the most interesting cryptocurrency stories recently is in one of their new presale, 5th Scape and builds a virtual reality gaming ecosystem.

Right now $5SCAPE investors can purchase the token in a presale that will put these users out ahead of a soon-to-be-booming cryptocurrency trend

Due to 5th Scape's distinct application and early-mover advantage in the virtual reality gaming market, top analysts are keeping an eye on the company. Excitement has resulted from this, and the company recently raised more money than $5.5 million. 

Leading Analyst Says Fifth Scape Could See 100X Profits

For those who missed the crypto-AI revolution, the 5th Scape presale is a second chance to get in early on an innovative use case.

Excitement has been generated by the fact that prominent figures in the industry have endorsed the integration of virtual reality gaming.

Renowned market analyst Decrypt Crypto, who has over 50,000 YouTube subscribers, predicted in a recent video that 5th Scape could have a 100x potential.

The analyst also noted that the project has a very interesting use case, and its founders come from the gaming sector as well as the technology sector.

Industry insider Michael Wrubel, who has over 300,000 subscribers, released an analysis last week explaining a number of reasons why he remains optimistic about Raca, even before the presale even starts.

But analysts are not the only ones watching the new presale, confirming still 5th Scapes commercial prowess.

This project had the support of several important media BeInCrypto-CryptoPotato-OffdaChain and a Cointelegraph.

An Entrance To Virtual And Hyper-realistic Gaming

5th Scape VR headsets and gaming chairs lead the next generation of virtual experiences, a trend that greatly influenced this project.

Combined with these items, users can use $5SCAPE tokens to communicate in the rich arts of the 5th Scape atmosphere.

The initial effort from the project is a mixed martial arts game called Cage Conquest where players can train tactically, set up their championship journey, or enter online tournaments.

Next up, games consist of archery, cricket, football, and racing. The desire of the aspirational 5th Scape team is to go a step further and make its presence felt in entertainment and education as well.

Token demand will surely follow the platform's success because the 5th Scape token is necessary for it to operate. This lessens the speculative volatility that many cryptocurrencies experience because a consistent flow of demand from utilities ensures price stability.

$5scape IEO Available Soon at 200% Above Presale Price

With the way in which 5th Scape went from sale to exchange, an investor has saved a massive amount due to comparing its presale price with that of launch on exchanges.

As of now, the IEO is priced at $0.01 but you can buy it for just 0$.00327 That's an amazing 205% markup.

However, the supporter's campaign is not free but will soon price increase pledging gradually for those who seek upside potential largest must be quite rushed.

The next bump will be when the presale hits a total of $6.25m.

Then do not miss the current cheap price. Join the 5th Scape Telegram and X Group for the latest updates or Follow our Instagram Account. Otherwise, simply own them through its website.

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