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What is Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)?

Real-Time Gross Settlement is a banking system where bank to bank money transfer instantly. This is like, a fast economic highway where every transaction is instantaneous. RTGS eliminates waiting for payments to clear in batches. Since all transactions are paid in real time, bank transfers are transferred quickly and safely. The value of immediate processing aside, RTGS is incredibly useful for high valued, time-sensitive transactions (such as real estate or stock trading transactions).

Understanding Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

Definition of RTGS

RTGS(Real-Time Gross Settlement): It is a very speedy process that allows the transfer of money from one bank to another in no waiting time.

Key Features of RTGS

  • Instant Transfers: It is a type of money transfer from one bank to another in a few seconds.
  • Individual Settlement: Separate settlement of every transaction for instant fund transfer.
  • High Security: The security of a transaction is high as RTGS allows for the immediate clearing of payments through manipulation of a country's central bank account.

Benefits of Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

Instant Transactions

RTGS facilitates immediate transfer of funds between banks and helps in quick execution of transactions.

Enhanced Security

RTGS has much lower levels of risk than payment instructions that are communicated and settled individually, something that naturally pertains to fund settlement systems.

Efficient Money Movement

RTGS making every payment fast and efficient while the whole bank to bank money transfer could be initiated within a moment.

Problems with Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)


For banks that may be weary from investing in and maintaining RTGS systems or RTGS-for-pay services, this may be a cost that trickles down to their customers.

Technical Problems

Since the RTGS systems are dependent on high technology, any technical glitch or failure can lead to halt of these transaction.

Regulatory Compliance

In transferring funds through RTGS systems, it can be cumbersome and time consuming, due to players in the payments ecosystem must comply with certain set of regulatory requirements, which is standard practice in banks.

RTGS Future Implications

Faster Transactions

The systems and institutions facilitating RTGS will process cash transfers between banks worldwide more quickly and efficiently.

Enhanced Financial System

RTGS helps to stabilize and foster the efficiency of the financial system by enabling fast and secure transfer of funds.

Innovation in Banking

RTGS fosters a culture of banking innovation and provides a robust and efficient medium for money movement.


Financial institutions leverage Real-Time Gross Settlement as a key enabler of fast and secure money transfer. In currency funds, because it ensures that each transaction is settled immediately, especially in large and urgent transactions. Although RTGS obviate the need to wait before being able to use transferred funds, provide improved security support, reduce the risk that transacted funds will be lost or misplaced, it comes at the cost of high transaction fees, operational challenges, and regulatory overheads. Nevertheless, keeping RTGS is the condition to guarantee real and effective funds transfers among banking institutions because of to technological progression.

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