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What Makes Doge Memes So Popular?

The Doge meme is one of the most iconic memes to ever grace this vast internet ocean full of said memery. This meme is accompanied by multicolored comic sans text with broken English humourous phrases and it showcases a Shiba Inu dog named Kabosu. 

Not only that but the Doge meme that has been read by millions and is still among the favorites on TV. Well, then why are Doge memes so popular? We will explore how the Doge meme came into existence, its features that allowed them became viral for a while there and why they are still funny today.

The Origin of Doge Memes

The Doge meme started with a basic photo of Shiba Inu known as Kabosu. Atsuko Sato, Kabosu's owner uploaded several pictures of the dog to her blog in 2010. Kabosu images, one in which she is wearing a peculiar glance to the side, caught on and quickly went viral. This distinctive form of expression is the one that made the Doge meme so popular.

Even the name itself is a riff on "dog" - "Doge". Originally debuting in a 2005 episode of the web series "Homestar Runner," it was not until Kabosu's published photo went viral that this term came to be associated with an image.

Characteristics of Doge Memes

Dog memes are also incredibly recognizable in a way that no other meme is. They typically feature:

  1. The Image: A photo of Kabosu with her signature side-eye look.
  2. Comic Sans Font: The font of the writing on Doge memes is in Comic Sans almost all the time, and this silly humor made the meme stand out.
  3. Multicolored Text: The use of bright, multicolored text enhances the meme’s visual impact.
  4. Broken English: Doge phrases use broken English, such as "wow", "such cool," and "very meme." This unique voice gives it that extra layer of charm and humor.

The Spread of Doge Memes

Doge memes spread all over the Internet thanks to social media platforms such as Reddit, Tumblr and Facebook User generated versions were spawned with the photo of Kabosu and silly captions. The meme became popular due to its versatility — it easily adapted itself into many contexts, therefore had more appeal with a diverse audience base.

The wordplay Doge memes additionally turned into a rage since they were genuinely sturdy and inoffensive. In an abyss of edgy and controversial content, Doge was a breath of fresh air in its simplicity.

Doge’s Cultural Impact

Doge has since broke out from the internet to form its place in pop culture. Some of those examples, as well are outlined below:

  1. DogeCoin: Doge meme lovers, inspired by the Kabosu image from 2013 created a cryptocurrency featuring such as logo. What started as a meme to be created now became an actual cryptocurrency thus, DogeCoin came into existence. The token even received endorsements from high profile celebrities like Elon Musk.
  2. Merchandise: The meme has also inspired entire lines of merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs and phone cases. There are a number of ways that people who follow this meme can show their love for Doge.
  3. Advertising and Media: Companies has been using Doge for their own advertising and media-related purposes which helped make reference to this Internet meme appeal. As an example, the above Doge ad on a NASCAR race team in 2014.

Why Doge Memes Remain Popular

There are many reasons why Doge memes continue to be popular:

  1. Simplicity and Relatability: The simplicity of Doge memes is that they are very straightforward and, thus easier to get without much effort. The meme is made relatable with expressions and captions that allow memers from different backgrounds to connect.
  2. Adaptability: You can assign doge meme to almost anything. Though it be critiquing the mundane, commenting on topical news or ridiculing online culture still continues to make Doge there.
  3. Community and Nostalgia: The Doge meme has created a culture among its fans. People who share and make Doge memes have a shared experience. Moreover, Doge is one of the oldest internet memes which adds a sense of nostalgia for those that have been using the web since way back.

The Future of Doge Memes

The internet is a fluid thing and with that, the hilarious pictures along with quotes do too. More will arrive, but the Doge meme could have some staying power. People love it because its funny and simple, gives you the flexibility to use in variety of scenarios.

The Doge meme becoming so popular just goes to show how strong the internet can be. It all began to this famous photo of a Shiba Inu dog. Even if you are a newbie meme lover whether it is then there will not be any normal human that can deny the cuteness of Doge dog. And the next time you see one, simply enjoy how these guys are making something extremely viral while laughing and using creative humor.

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