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Wienerai, A New Meme Coin, Reaches $1 Million In Pre-sale; Could It Reach 100x?

Over the past few months, meme coins have gone from strength to dizzying levels of interest (and gains) in quite a baffling manner.

Enter the new kid on the block: WienerAI (WAI). It has generated more than a million dollars in pre-sale funding, all since the past couple of weeks.

WienerAI Offers Serious Trading Tech Beyond the Dog Memes

WienerAI is a doge meme coin development and charity concept but not just another Meme Coin

The best friend for any trader, this ambitious project aspires to provide predictive powers and the ability of pure seamless trade execution.

In other words, WienerAI provides an AI-based trading interface that is instantaneous and easy to use.

Users will be able to describe what kind of crypto investments they are interested in similar plain English language. Afterwards, the bot will search for opportunities within that market Bearing in mind those criteria.

Followed by it, WienerAI will provide the honest insights which can help user in trading.

But the AI prowess doesn’t stop there.

With potential plays flagged by WienerAI, users can then swiftly execute swaps on multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs) for the best prices. All this without charging any fees.

The project also provides built-in Maximum Extraction Value (MEV) bot defense, as per its whitepaper WienerAI.

Well, in a playful wiener dog sort of way at least...and then beneath that furry surface users will find an expert trading comrade which actually gives you tangible advantages over the market.

WienerAI is in the process of becoming that ultimate tool for beating your competition both on meme coin side and even entire crypto sector.

WAI Presale Heats Up as Investors Capitalize on Discounted Price     

Ground-breaking trading bot strikes a chord, World excited for WienerAI launch — WAI token presale becomes a major craze

The project garnered $1.1 million in investments from the early birds in under a month

WienerAI as you may already know the presale is done in steps, where every 48 hours price increased till hardcap reached.

The setup allows investors to acquire at a discount relative to the final listing price on DEXs.

Participation is effortless with investors only needing to link a crypto wallet already loaded up with ETH (or some other supported token) which they can swap for WAI using the website’s easy-to-use widget.

WAI is purchased and staked to earn ultra-high APY rewards immediately,

Not surprisingly, WienerAI’s mix of AI-based trading combined with a meme theme has resonated.

In just a few weeks, the project has already over 6.3k followers on Twitter and an excited Telegram community with roughly 2.2k people at time of writing this piece.

Now, the only thing anyone is interested in at this point is probably when WAI will list on public exchange.

Could WienerAI Be the Next 100x Meme Coin?

While the mix of AI, crypto trading and dog memes may sound odd for WienerAI, traders are just speculating about potential new project landing Supermoon gains post-listing.

At $0.000704 per token (current presale price) & based on the 69 billion Wai token TOTAL supply, this means a start of just $48.5 million circulation.

That valuation, for perspective here is minuscule compared to the multi-billion dollar caps of major meme coins like DOGE and SHIB.

With the vast demand on AI-powered crypto projects, from Worldcoin to Fetch. Given the recent rise of ai, WienerAI could be very undervalued at this early stage.

Dog meme coins have also proven their worth in terms of longevity, even as the spotlight remains on AI Coins.

WienerAI, by connecting these two trends, situates itself into an exponential gainer potential.

If nothing else, the continued moonage of coins like WIF and POPCAT shows that a 100x return isn't entirely unrealistic.

With WienerAI off to a flying start with an engaged community and its own niche, it would not be surprising if WAI went on to mirror this success.

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