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Worldcoin, Aioz Network, And Etuktuk Lead The Way As Ai Coins Surge

As investors get back on the bandwagon, AI cryptocurrency projects are taking off.

Three major players, namely Worldcoin, AIOZ Network, and eTukTuk, are driving the charge.

Due to their creative application of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as their potential for price growth, these projects are drawing attention.

The Worldcoin Iris-Scanning Project Causes a Purchasing Frenzy

Worldcoin (WLD), whose price has surged 35% in the last week alone, is leading the charge in the most recent bull run in AI cryptocurrency.

The token is now at its highest level since April 12 after rising 20% in just the last day.

Additionally, spot trading volumes have doubled to $491 million as speculative buyers become involved.

However, what is causing all of this hype around Worldcoin?

The primary cause is the growing momentum behind the development team's goal of using iris scans to create a distinct digital identity for each and every person.

The fact that Worldcoin's creator, Tools for Humanity, has hinted at possible partnerships with tech giants like PayPal and OpenAI is evidence of this.

Although specifics are still being kept under wraps, the idea that Worldcoin will partner with businesses such as these is sending investors into a frenzy.

Because of this, a lot of people are certain that, if Worldcoin keeps going in the same direction, it will revolutionize the cryptocurrency space.

Decentralized Content Delivery Drives the Growth of AIOZ Network

AIOZ Network (AIOZ) is another AI-powered project that has been growing rapidly over the past week, in addition to Worldcoin.

The native token of this decentralized content delivery network has increased by 26% over the last seven days, including a 13% gain in the last day alone.

Even more astonishingly, spot trading volumes have surged by 94%.

AIOZ's content delivery strategy, which leverages blockchain technology, is attracting interest and is one of the main reasons for its current popularity.

AIOZ connects to a network of node operators that provide underutilized bandwidth, storage, and processing power instead of congested central servers.

Large file distribution, buffer-free, lightning-fast video streaming, dApp hosting, and much more are all promised by this model.

AIOZ's inherent AI capabilities and compatibility with Ethereum and Cosmos make it easy to understand why it's garnering so much interest.

The AIOZ token is still 70% below its all-time high of $2.67 from April 2021, though.

Thus, even though AIOZ has had a successful past week, much work remains.

Massive Demand for AI-Powered Mobility During eTukTuk's Presale

Among those is eTukTuk ( TUK ) - a presale project that has already raised over $3.2 million and not to be missed in the AI crypto chaos.

A discounted price of just $0.031 for eTukTuk's native TUK token has seen investors looking to take advantage and get in early, with the scramble already underway.

The project's main attraction, however, is its aim to accelerate the transition to zero-emission electric cars globally.

The eTukTuks are basically Eskuta branded, solar-powered three-wheel vehicles what they plan to introduce in place of rickshaws.

However, what's really grabbing attention is how the development team is utilizing AI.

AI technology is utilised throughout the eTukTuk ecosystem to enhance all aspects of operations, from predictive vehicle maintenance and charger station location through routing optimisation.

Designed to work cleverly through the project's advanced algorithms, they sift and sort massive data fields that are refined for efficiency suggestions, alongside possible best-suited roads and charging point locations.

This AI-based approach can also help to evenly distribute power demand over all charging stations, as explained in eTukTuk's whitepaper.

It never ends, surprisingly enough.

For TUK owners, they will be able to stake their tokens and receive rewards via the eTukTuk's staking protocol.

As of this writing, estimated staking yields are reported to be 85% annually.

Staking rewards combined with environmentally friendly transportation have proven popular; in just a few weeks, eTukTuk's Telegram community has expanded to over 8,700 members.

Thus, eTukTuk appears ready to capitalize on this trend as AI crypto mania goes into overdrive.

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