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XRP and This New Altcoin Set to Surge After Bitcoin Halving

Now that the Bitcoin halving has occurred, traders are preparing for the much-awaited “alt season.” 

After the halving, altcoins typically pick up steam and begin to rise parabolically in the early summer. Rekt Capital and other experts think this is the best time to hoard altcoins before they take off in late May and early June. 

One of the first cryptocurrencies to rise during the previously mentioned "altseason," according to analysts, was XRP.

Captain Faibik, a well-known cryptocurrency trader with over 88k X followers, says that the current XRP dip represents the final chance to purchase the coin before its explosive bull run. 

The demand for low-cap cryptocurrencies is likewise very high. For example, the recently launched cryptocurrency presale, Bitcoin Minetrix, has raised over $13 million, and experts believe it has the potential to generate 100 times the returns once it launches.

XRP Price Breakout Imminent - Is This the Last Chance to Buy?

Among all the altcoins, XRP has shown one of the longest sideways consolidating price actions; traders are frequently frustrated by its lack of upside. 

When the price chart of XRP is compared to that of BTC, this becomes very evident. Even though XRP experienced selling pressure during BTC's bearish moments, its level of bullishness has decreased significantly in recent months. 

Nevertheless, despite the disappointing price action, the bulls remain optimistic. More robust breakouts are frequently the consequence of more extended consolidation, and analysts think that a "God Candle" may soon be coming.

Key Resistance and Support Levels to Monitor for XRP

However, XRP is about to take off, but it certainly has a couple of key resistance levels to wipe aside before the next bull run.

The token would need to break above the 4HR 200 EMA which currently stands at $0. In addition, well-known trader CoinsKid says he will pull the trigger on a short of the XRP coin once it breaches the 4-hour 200 EMA.

Another level that a bullish speculator, Dark Defender, spotlights is $0.66. The $1 level is likewise indispensable and requires to be turned by the bulls for the $0.93 key rate area to be hit.

Crypto trader XRP Whale has identified $0.48 as a "steel wall" that is unbreakable when it comes to support levels. The cryptocurrency would also have to protect the $0.52 price point. 

Significant Day Today in Ripple vs. SEC Lawsuit

The cryptocurrency XRP may experience volatility today, April 22, as Ripple will submit its opposition brief in the ongoing hearing concerning solutions. 

The court will consider the arguments carefully before deciding how much of a penalty Ripple will have to pay for breaking the Securities Act through its institutional sales. The redacted version of this brief will be made publicly available on April 24, and the SEC will submit its response on May 6. 

Not surprisingly, XRP has still been significantly impacted by the Ripple v. SEC lawsuit. However, the big decision investors are waiting to see is whether the SEC will file an appeal against Ripple for its initial loss in July 2023. 

Could the New Crypto Bitcoin Minetrix Offer 100x Returns

The mining industry is expected to become highly profitable in the upcoming months, with the bull market predicted to resume in May. 

Experts are, therefore, optimistic about mining stocks and Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX), a new cloud mining token. Popular cryptocurrency YouTube channels like Predir Capital and OnlineHustleTV predict that Bitcoin Minetrix's value could increase by a factor of 100.

In fact, there has already been a lot of interest in Minetrix's decentralized cloud mining concept; during its presale, token sales raised over $13.2 million. With its initial coin offering (ICO) scheduled to conclude on April 28th, the project is experiencing growing hype and FOMO.

Purchasing the new cryptocurrency at its discounted price of $0.0148 might be your last opportunity. 

Minetrix enables investors to access BTC Mining Rewards and be drawn to the potential boost in BTCMTX value. In traditional crypto mining, users will need to invest a large amount of capital, but users who use Minetrix only need to stake $BTCMTX tokens to receive BTC rewards.

Investors will earn more passive income by participating in the staking process.

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