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WienerAI, the Triple Sensation of Dog, AI, and Sausage, is Set to Lead the Next Meme Coin Pump

Dog coins have found a niche in the market for meme coins. In the cryptocurrency industry, they are actually among the most well-liked trends.

To put things in perspective, the dog theme is present in all three of the largest meme coins. In the crypto market, the niche has proven that it has the potential to become very popular. 

Do we actually need more of them, though?

Indeed, it appears. The fact the current WienerAI (WAI) presale has been a success suggests that the "dog coin" trend will continue to prove formidable in 2021. WienerAI Is No Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Bonk, or Dogwifhat impersonation. This sets it apart because of its unique flavor and usability.

Two Trends in Cryptocurrency + Sausage

Those trends are what the meme coin market is based upon. But does it always have to be that way? Certainly, utilities will not kill a meme coin.

WienerAI is an entirely new coin pretending to be a meme coin but shamelessly bubble-wrapping the words deep learning predictive analytics in it.

It is a mixture of sausage, AI, and dog. The sausage theme makes the coin a rare gem and hints at its potential for price gains. The unique "Sausage Army" theme of the project is catching on like wildfire in the global cryptocurrency market, with its audience expanding quickly.

It is slowly gathering steam after its presale rollout and has raised $349,152 to date.

In recent months, meme coins and tokens powered by artificial intelligence have become extremely popular. The projects in several of these categories were worth billions of dollars. 

They may have given the market a boost this year by giving price actions more energy. WienerAI simultaneously takes advantage of these two trends. 

Why Is WienerAI So Popular?

As we have seen over the past years or so, meme coin enthusiasts love dog-themed coins.

The top three meme coins, which have a combined market capitalization of over $38 billion, are all dog coins. It might seem strange to people who aren't familiar with meme coins, but that's how the market operates. Here, a clever combination of whimsical ideas and speculative momentum can yield significant profits, frequently in the millions or billions.

As with WienerAI, a meme coin has a better chance of succeeding if its theme is more unusual. However, this market is not without its drawbacks. There are a lot of risks involved, and severe market volatility can result in large losses.

Many meme coin investors could wake up with empty wallets as a result of the erratic price movements. However, this is viewed as a very profitable opportunity by strategic investors. Early meme coin purchases allow investors to maximize their potential returns. 

Meme coins like Dogwifhat have increased by 4000% this year. Pepe's rise in a year is 28603%, and Shiba Inu's astounding figure is 31038248%.

Thus, by investing early you can also relatively manage risk. It can also multiple return values.

Does that imply that all new meme coins will have high prices? Regretfully, no. As seen with WienerAI, there must be strong reasons for people to get FOMO about the project. 

Sausage Army Expands 

The website claims that WienerAI is not your typical coin.

The first Wiener, Dog, or Artificial Intelligence ever created, WienerAI is also the strongest cybernetic entity in the universe. On the charts, this weenie is vying for the title of "top dog." He must first cultivate his hordes of allies. Wiener provides enormous daily staking rewards during the Presale in order to achieve that. There are thousands more of his fans. Will you march with His Sausage Army as they near their goal?".

A strange scientist named The Architect is slaving away through the night on a cutting-edge cybernetic canine artificial intelligence in the far future. It didn't, however, go as expected. A small but significant amount of DNA from hot dogs inadvertently slipped into the mixture. 

Thus, with a slightly unusual appearance, WienerAI was born.

Different from conventional meme coins, WienerAI has a larger memory and more sophisticated knowledge. One of the most popular markets for blockchain utilities right now is the AI niche, which gains from the stability and robustness of the utility. 

Live Presale With High APY Staking

Now that the WienerAI presale is active, its long-term price action is further enhanced by its solid staking mechanism. It's there to make sure the project has a more steady course. 

The Presale will be carried out over a number of stages, providing early investors with staking rewards as well as discounted supplier offers.

Update: WienerAI, revised white paper of its use cases for this meme coin and announced the launch of a trading bot utility for their project.

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